Dollhouse season two DVD and Blu-Ray details, Comic-Con news

Here’s what it looks like:

It’s available in October 12 on DVD and Blu-Ray, and includes deleted scenes, commentaries etc.  If you pre-order at San Diego Comic-Con 2010, you get a limited lithograph (similar to last year’s season one set).

Also…  There’s something about it which is a) really freaking cool and b) I can’t tell you yet.  Stay tuned.  A lot of love has gone into this one.

  1. Pixel says:

    Loving the cover! Totally wild! If only they had been this bold with the first season disc.

  2. Doll says:

    Everyone needs to buy this! Show them theres enough of us out there to make a Dollhouse movie.

  3. laura says:

    can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

    i second the “i wish there was a movie” (very unlikely but i can dream)

  4. Phoenix says:

    Okay, obviously I’m excited, but, really…OCTOBER?! Whatever it is that you know about that we don’t had better be pretty frickin’ amazing, because…really. OCTOBER.

  5. Chris Roberts says:

    I am defently buying this.I want DollHouse season 2 In DVD Quality.If Joss did a commantary It will probally be for Vows the only episode of season 2 he directed and Is credited as writer.It would be cool to have expanded version of Vows with the future stuff as bookends as originally planned.The begining was used for Epitaph Two but the ending hasn’t been seen.For deleted scenes I am curious if the rummored Eliza Dushku Amy Acker kiss was exactly shot but cut out.I am betting Miracle Laurie does commantary for The Hollow Men.She said she recorded some stuff for the season 2 set as so far we only know about commantarys and Deleteds cenes as extras.My wish Is Belle Chose regains It’s rightful place as second episode and commantarys for Belonging(With Dichen Lachman) The Attic(with John Cassidy) Getting Closer(With Tim Minner) and Epitaph Two(with the Writers) as well as Vows and The Hollow Men.The only way the DollHouse world will be revisited Is If Joss decedes to do a Comic with Dark House.

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