Dollhouse season 2 DVD and Blu-Ray details

Special features: Outtakes, Deleted Scenes, “Defining Moments” feaurette, “Looking Back” featurette (with cast) and Audio Commentary on 2 episodes: a “Vows” commentary by Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon, and also a “Belonging” commentary by writers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen.

Exclusive to the Blu-ray release is an additional Audio Commentary, on “Getting Closer” by exec producer and episode-writer-director Tim Minear.  Yeah, it’s kinda lame it’s a Blu-Ray only feature if you ask me.  But whatevs.

  1. Chris Roberts says:

    I wish they would have left outtakes for Blu-ray.One of my DVD wish list was commantary by Tim Minear on Getting Closer.I would love to his Insights on the episode.His Insight over the devolpmets In that episode(Particully what happens with whisky,Carolane/Bennent and the Boyd Revelation) would be something to hear.I figured Joss would do commentary on Vows If he did one.Vows was the only episode he wrote and Directed of season 2(although with all his shows he probally did some uncredited writing on other episodes) and I am curious If he will comment on his original plan to bookend Vows with scenes from the future.I suspect Defining Moments will be Joss,and the writers talking about what went Into the big events of Season 2,and looking back have the actors(Hopefully most of the cast will be featured) looking back at DollHouse.I suspect there will be virtualy no critism of Fox.The line from them may be the wished the show would have gone on longer but feel they got closure(of course they say different In the future being Intreviewed and not on a FOx product although to be fair there Is more support by Fox Studio than the Fox Network)

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