Want to own Priya’s painting from Dollhouse 2×04 – Belonging?

Then head to this auction on eBay.

Jed and Maurissa, the episode writers, say why: “During the filming of the episode Michael Voelker, who works in the art department as a set dresser, brought his son Hunter to set. Hunter Marlowe Voelker is two years old and was recently diagnosed with ALL (acute lympoblastic leukemia). He is an adorable, positive kid and to call him a trooper doesn’t cover it.

Anyway, we were standing around the painting a few days later, talking about what would happen to it when the show was done. Would it fit in our living room? And then we got on the subject of the devoted, pro-active fans of the series and how they would love to own this. Maybe we could auction it off! For a bunch of money! And then use that money to build a private glow-in-the-dark jacuzzi water-slide park in our back yard! Or we could give it to charity, I guess…”

It’s an awesome piece of TV history to own.

  1. PaperSpock says:

    I wish I had over $4000 right now. Alas, I do not.

  2. dave says:

    OMG! That would be so dope. If only… Maybe they could make some prints of this, I’d for sure get one of those.

  3. Kegan says:

    I wish I had the room for it…I’ve got the money at least. And I agree, if they made prints, I’d buy one.

    On another note, I never caught the second season. Could somebody tell me if any plot holes were filled in? I’d hate to buy the blu ray, only to find out the story was left incomplete due to Fox’s idiocy. If somebody could just message me on Facebook, I’d appreciate it…and then post here that you did so, so I’m not flooded with replies.

    Thanks so much!


  4. Kegan says:

    Scratch that, feel free to simply answer on here. Please no spoilers.

    Thanks again.


    • Claire says:

      Writing an answer without spoilers is not easy. The short form is: I thoroughly enjoyed season two.
      We found out more about Sierra and Victor. We got to see some of the bits in Epitaph One, only with more context. We got to see Echo develop into a person.
      Several of the episodes were *gasp and pause the show until I start breathing again* awesome.
      And I found the ending satisfying, even if they didn’t have the extra 3 seasons I would have preferred.
      Hope this helps.

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