POLL – Is Dollhouse season two living up to your original expectations of the series?

  1. Nickolz says:

    In fact, it’s even a little better.

  2. Dani says:

    Season ONE lived up to my original expectations of the series. And I loved it. Season Two just blew my mind. Way beyond anything I could have imagined.

  3. June says:

    Living up to my expectations? Hell, try exceeding. Oh my god…

  4. Nele says:

    Actually, it’s much better.

    I bet Fox would’ve thought twice about cancelling it if they knew what was to come.
    Then again, perhaps not.

  5. Zulu says:

    The second half, anyways. :)
    Exceeding my expectations, even.

  6. Rob says:

    Each season started slow, but ended/is ending fantastic.

  7. slayer_wannabe says:

    i’ll second everyone else. it’s better than i could ever have imagined. in fact, i think joss turned up the dial 500% when he found out it was getting canned. since then, every episode has left me thinking “oh my god” and “holy sh**” every five or ten minutes. getting better by the second– you never know what’s coming. best ending series ever.

  8. renee says:

    I really was surprised by this show. Started b/c it is Joss, but I think it gets better and better. Last night was full of surprises. Boyd???

  9. Kloreep says:

    Not sure how to take this question. My original thought was no – season one just about lived up to my expectations, whereas season two wildly exceeded them. But perhaps you mean to ask “Has Dollhouse season two not disappointed you?” In which case the answer would be a definite YES.

    Thus confused, I do not vote in the poll.

  10. maarthy says:

    I can’t belive what happened in there. Poor Topher… this episode is a shocker, I really didn’t expect that. I can’t help it, but the fact this show got cancelled praly made the story even better. Imagine it would take 5 series to get to the end.

  11. Gary says:

    It’s doing great. The only way it could be better is if there was a season 3 out there.

  12. rpgdancer says:

    there should be another category for exceeds expectations!

  13. Phoenix says:

    I said no, because I never expected it to have so many elements of a twisty-turny conspiracy thriller in the second season — not that this is a bad thing, mind you. The second season of “Dollhouse” puts me favorably in mind of back when “Alias” was in its prime, during the first two seasons: I have absolutely *no* idea what to expect in the next two weeks and I’ve loved every episode of season two thus far, even “Vows” and “Instinct,” which were slower than the rest of the season two episodes. I always had high expectations for the show, but season two has *surpassed* all my expectations and sent “Dollhouse” to whole new heights.

  14. Mary says:

    it has definately exceded all my predictions! i didn’t get a chance to watch the eps. last night, but as soon as i’m done with those i’m sure my mind will be even more blown. i really don’t see how this show can end so soon =’( i definately don’t want it to.

  15. Claire says:

    First three episodes were quite okay, and had their moments. Episode 4 was awesome. Long break in November was unbearable.
    Since it started up again in December, I have had difficulty picking my jaw up off the floor. I do believe this is what they call: “pulling out all the stops”.
    Blown away. Just blown away.

  16. korkster says:

    It met my expectations by blowing past anything that I imagined for the series. A truly thrilling experience.

  17. Maeve says:

    It’s exceeding mine!

  18. L says:

    it has blown my expections for the show completely out of the water but in a good way. never expected it to be this amazing and have me completely hooked even more and i loved s1.

  19. I would say that they met my expectations – (you probably should have had a 3rd choice (exceeded expectations) after reading the bogs so far.
    I expect that Josh Whedon is going to give me one hell of a ride whenever he writes, directs & produces anything for television (the long range storytelling) – I was a believer even after the 1st few shows of the 1st season. I couldn’t understand why people were so hard on it in the beginning.
    And frankly I loved the episode with Echo as a mother (just to say so again).

  20. It has well exceeded all of my expectations. IMHO, this is one of the best written series I have ever seen.

  21. vivian says:

    what it should have always been PLEASE find a way to save the most artful and smartest shows ive seen

  22. n8hoffman says:

    Why in the hell would they cancel this show???? Maybe a little more f’n advertising would help ratings…thank you Family Guy (not to downplay Family Guy, just giving a good example). I can’t believe they keep on shows like “Brothers” but axe quality like this. Guess that is FOX at their best. Douches.

  23. patrick says:

    I think season two is better in some ways, but lacks some of what made the premise for the show really interesting. The center of the show isn’t a character, it is the tech and how people (both the central characters in the show and populace in general in the show) respond to it. I feel like the second half of this season has done a great job exploring how those who have some of the control of the tech deal with it. From Rossum’s drive for power, to Topher finally facing up to what he is involved in, to Adele careening between self-absorbed madame to revolutionary leader, to Echo defending her right to survive, to Paul sacrificing his ideals over and over again because of romantic attachment, this season has been great.

    But there is another aspect to the show, and that is the exploration of what people would do with the ability to create individuals for their own purposes. Before cancellation word came down we got to see some interesting things. Like most I really liked Man on the Street. I also liked the idea (but not the execution) behind Haunted and Instinct. I liked seeing how broken people would use the dolls to meet some of their needs because they couldnt hold things together on their own. Season two doesn’t have much of that, and only one episode (Man on the Street) really pulled it off in my opinion.

    On the whole I like season two better, because the espionage stuff allows for more backstory reveals (Boyd!) and more development of our main characters (Topher and Adele have really good character arcs I think). But on the whole I feel really cheated because this show never really got a chance to blend these two features of the show together. Once the axe came down it was all spy show all the time, and while they are doing it better than almost anyone else can, I wish I could have seen this story spread out over 5 years or so.

  24. Mary G says:

    Way beyond my expectations.

  25. Britfan says:

    As a Brit i discovered the season late. A huge fan of Buffy and Angel & Firefly, I couldn’t wait to see it. It amazed me and surpassed expectations. Season 2 has blown my mind. Best Whedon creation yet. hands down.

  26. Jamie says:

    Season 2 is the Dollhouse equivalent of what Serenity could have been, had Firefly managed to get a last-minute 13-episode second season to finish out on instead of just a 2.5 hour movie. That is to say: stupendous. I fell in love with the first season (owing to “Man on the Street” onward, and most especially “Epitaph One”), but the second season is Team Whedon at their best – under massive budget/fan expectation pressure, with full knowledge of exactly how much time they have left to tell their story, but just enough time and freedom to allow it to unfold on a truly epic scale. I’m sad that we didn’t get five years on the air instead of just pretty much one, that we didn’t get 80-some episodes instead of 26… but I AM glad Whedon and co had enough forewarning to give it a (so far) fantastic send off. To be honest… I would love to have it be on the air (and Mutant Enemy employed) for several years… but if it’s not able to pay its way enough to keep afloat, then THANK GOD we at least get an awesome ending. Joss and Tim And Maurissa and all of them, they do great work under challenging circumstances, so I would kind of rather have 26 episodes, most of which, and all of the latter of which, are absolutely stunning, twisty, twisted, and BRILLIANT…

    I actually forgive Fox for this one, believe it or not – they were stuck with a low-rated, tough-sell series (creepy, morally ambiguous, intellectual, philosophical, every bit of fan service should make you feel dirty? Makes for an artistically interesting series, but not one that’s easy to market even if you DO add the occasional action scene or hottie in a co-ed shower, you have to admit)… a series that by all rights should never have survived past its 12th episode in this kind of wide market… and they STILL let it have a full second season to finish properly. And they’re going to air the WHOLE SECOND SEASON, even if they did dick around with the schedule a bit here and there, at least it’ll air, and almost every episode has been in its intended order… and fantastic.

    They really did learn from Firefly, whaddia know. :)

    I still say Joss’ next show should be on cable though. Preferably FX. At least their, low ratings wouldn’t be as big of a death knell. ;) And he could do adult, challenging stuff like Dollhouse without nearly as much censorship as he has to worry about on the lower nets during prime time, I would think.

  27. cranky says:

    “I still say Joss’ next show should be on cable though. Preferably FX. At least their, low ratings wouldn’t be as big of a death knell. And he could do adult, challenging stuff like Dollhouse without nearly as much censorship as he has to worry about on the lower nets during prime time, I would think.”

    This is what I like to call a ‘good idea’. I would be tempted to say it is an obviously good idea if it werent for the fact that the boys at Fox missed it. Dollhouse was perfect for FX. It was a good bit smarter than Fox’s network shows (other than the Simpsons), and if Wheedon had had his way it would have been a lot more scandalous. Also it is naturally an ensemble production, which fits FX more than a network show that needs a few stars to be the face of the advertising. I wonder whether the fact that Dollhouse had a movie star as the lead actress motivated putting it on Fox? Did they think that Eliza was so hot that the Family Guy demographic would tune in to a show without pop culture non sequiturs?

  28. Pixel says:

    Frak yeah!

    Of course, the reason it has been so good these last weeks is we’re getting whole plot lines that should have extended over the run of the series condensed into each episode. No wonder we’re breathless! Just as well Fox let them know then end was coming – about the only good decision they did make…

    Roll on the final two!

  29. dollhouse says:

    its amazing
    ive always liked it!
    i dont want it to end :(

  30. Angela Lambert says:

    I have loved every episode of the dollhouse and as season two ended, I was on the edge of seat, wondering to what season 3 had in store, to find that it is has been cancelled!! Are they mad?

    This is firefly all over again, you’d think they would have learnt their lesson and stop cancelling the good shows, let leave the crap on!!

  31. Jason says:

    It’s surpassing everything I expected. God, I love this show, and I’m so sad to see it go.

  32. Hell's War says:

    Dollhouse was my favorite show on TV… Every good show is getting dumped before it has time to develop.. or catch on..I am a Joss fan but barely knew about this show before it came out and come on weekend nites?? The core audience young and out having a life on the weekends..Only Diehard scifi/joss fans had a chance of getting into this show. I personally Dvr’d it and watch it repeatedly and hung on every second on weeknite when i had time to watch. I want someone out there to change the way shows are judged on ther worth… Nielson System is dead… Wish they could make a vote for your shows thing like American Idol. This is Fox the same Network that dumped Family Guy because the “ratings” but the DVD sales showed them how loved the show actually was not just by the everyday cross section of America the Nielsons System uses. If there was a new way for Sponsors and Networks to get better feed back they would be less likely to drop good deep shows like Dollhouse, Kings, the riches, and so on especially in a time where it seems like the new network heads are more interested in the quick easy money of shock value/cheaply produced reality TV.. Versus actually pushing a good new series and giving it time to develop, catch on,and to grow a long running successful series… I HATE getting into a new show only to have it cancelled.. I beg someone to create a new website or soemthing that everyone uses to vote for tv shows to show the networks and sponsors what they support these shows have…PLEASE!!! before all TV becomes void of good writing/performance..

  33. MzKiKi says:

    This season was beyond my expectations. Way beyond them. I really loved the first season, and was hella-mad when they talked about cancelling then. I went looking for petitions to sign. I wrote to Fox, and begged for this show to be saved.
    This second season has blown my mind. It has brought me joy, and is now bringing me sadness because i know the ride ends tonight.
    My eyes are welling up, and my stomach feels like it’s dropped to my drawers.

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