Discuss the final episode of Dollhouse

Well, the day has come. It’s over.

I’ll be posting my final thoughts soon. But right now I want to know what you thought of the episode.

  1. I thought it was great. Provided much more closure than the “real” finale did. I wish Caroline 2.0 was had more in the ep, but time constraints couldn’t allow it. The chair bit at the end with Echo was genius. The episode didn’t fail to yet again present new ideas to ponder. I’m gonna miss this show. A lot of people are saying this show wouldn’t be as great as it is if it wasn’t canceled as it provided the pace and whatnot for the final season. There were so many ideas that this season brought to the table that I would’ve liked to see more fleshed out though, and I think just one more season would’ve been a perfect timeframe to fully explore the story. Also, I would watch an entire series in the world of Epitaph one and two!! Very very sad to see this go, and I can’t wait to see what Joss is up to next. With his track-record, I’m sure he’ll blow me away yet again.

  2. Lou says:

    I thought it was beautiful, yes there are lots of storylines I wish we had more info on, esp how Tony turned into a Tech-Head, how Alpha evolved and became a good guy and more details as to why destroying Rossum created such a mess but I am not disappointed with what we got.

    Topher’s sacrifice was extremely fitting, his storyline of destroying the world then helping to save it reminded me very much of Baltar’s and Caprica’s in BSG. It all came full circle.

    So happy that Tony & Priya managed to beat the odds and have a happy ending, they became the heart of the show for me, the most convincing of all potential relationships.

    Paul’s death didn’t upset me, I was never a fan really and I was never on board with Echo/Paul but having said that when she broke down? I was in tears, and I ended up loving the conclusion to their relationship, helped by Alpha!

    Loved how everyone seemed to like Alpha, adored Adelle being both motherly and badass. Oh and the fulfilling of the Needs fantasy? GENIUS!

    Also delighted Zone, Mags and Mini-Me Caroline got happy endings as well.

    Really this is join with Angel for my favourite Whedon finale.

    • Kristine Ehlers says:

      About the final episode, I felt like I had missed something at first, like, who were Zone & Mags, and when did they come into the picture? The episode was called Epitaph 2, was there an Epitaph One that I missed somehow? Other than that, I also loved the closure with Tony & Pria/Sierra & there child. Also, how did it go from the Hollow Men & then all the sudden they are all in this messed up future & Tony is this tech soldier? What did I miss? Will someone fill me in? I loved this show, and I’m really bummed that another great Joss Whedon show is ending when it just started to get really interesting. I loved Firefly too, but I’m glad Joss made, “Serenity”. That movie was brilliant and it provided perfect closure. That’s all for now. Please write back. Thanx!

      • wrdo says:

        Really? you missed Epitaph One? it wasn’t aired in the U.S. it’s on the Season 1 DVD set (and also on iTunes and several illegal streaming websites. like surfthechanel)

        basically, Epitaph One is 10 years in the future, following a group of Actuals, including Mag, Zone, and pre-Caroline kid, as they escape into the sewers. The group stumbles into the abandoned Dollhouse, and uses memories stored in the chair to find out what happened. The flashbacks use the normal cast and explain some of the events that lead to the apocalypse. They also find Whiskey, in doll-state. eventually, most of the group is killed off, leaving only Mag, Zone, Whiskey and the kid. the kid is imprinted as Caroline and they leave the house. Whiskey is left behind, and it’s implied that she died. watch it, it’s pretty damn awesome.

  3. M says:

    Overall an enjoyable ep, and way better than ‘Hollow men’. Like most have said, we deserved an entire season set in this broken down mind wiped future world.

    I thought it all felt a bit rushed, and some of the acting was really wooden in places. The dinner table discussion at Safe Haven had great dialogue but the delivery was seriously hammy. As much as I love Felicia Day, I have trouble with her in a serious role, she hasn’t quite got the acting chops for it yet.

    I dunno, I’m in two minds about Epitaph Two. It was entertaining, but it could have been so much more. Kinda glad this is done with and Joss can move on to something new (hopefully on cable).

    DH could have been an amazing show, had they cut to the chase quicker (as in the unaired pilot) and left out the lamentably bad ‘mission of the week’ episodes. Hell, they could have even opened the show with something close to Epitaph One… Here’s the endgame, now see how we get there. I bet it would have garnered better ratings and far more media interest done like that.

    DH could have been so much cooler, darker and intelligent than what it ended up being, but I applaud Joss and the whole cast for doing their best with what they were given.

  4. Madman007 says:

    Can you believe I actually missed the first eight minutes because I thought it was on at it’s usual 9pmEST time. Good thing I turned it on when I did! I’ll have to watch it again online to get a better feel for its worth.

    Overall, I thought it was an excellent coda to a show that could have been much more. I agree that what Alpha did for Echo in the chair was so original and perfect.

    The Safe Haven scene at the dinner table reminded me of Firefly. It had all of the Joss-isms he’s known for (Paul’s hero comment and when Zone tells Meg a tech ate one of her friends – “Ew!”)

    I, too, and so glad they didn’t do anything to change Pria and Victor’s relationship.

    And whomever said Felicia Day can’t act serious, rewatch Epitaph One in the beginning and watch her breakdown. No words and it is still heartbreaking.

    Oh, yeah…Alpha as a good guy. That was unexpected. When he was watching Summer on the video I almost cheered, River and Wash back again!

    I would have liked an explanation of how Rossum still turned the world upside down. But that would have been explained if the show had gone on. It did feel a bit rushed but how can you blame them when FOX pushed them into a corner? Did anyone notice that FOX cut off the last scene and song so quickly? It’s almost like they couldn’t WAIT to get rid of the show. Bastards!

    Joss’s shows almost always start slow. Buffy never really got into gear until season 2 like Dollhouse. The difference is that Buffy was on a brand new network who was willing to let it grow. And thank you WB for doing so! FOX saw the low numbers from Dollhouse and panicked but gave it a 2nd season out of loyalty to the fans. The Catch 22 is that FOX did ZERO marketing for Dollhouse. In previews for Fri nights they would show several scenes from House and then say, Dollhouse at 9. Pathetic. Joss should be treated better.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for the Dollhouse S2 dvd so I add to my collection of excellent canceled shows..(Firefly, Freaks and Geeks, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies)

  5. Phoenix says:

    I, for one, was never disappointed by the rushed feel, because I was expecting it. Being one of the apparent few who actually loved “The Hollow Men,” I was supremely satisfied by “Epitaph Two.” It did an amazing job with the time that it had, and it wrapped up just enough of the story to be satisfying. I consider myself a Whedon-fan, so don’t shoot me, but I was never really satisfied with the “Buffy” finale — it was just *too* wide-open and had we not gotten the season eight comics I would have felt cheated every time I watched the DVD’s.
    I know that I’m one of the few who loved Paul from the beginning, so his loss and Echo’s subsequent breakdown was really heartbreaking to me. Tony and Priya and T were amazing, and Adelle’s scenes with Topher were stirring. I thought that the subtle irony with how Echo’s “Needs” fantasy was finally coming true and being the last fantasy the Dollhouse would grant was an amazing piece of writing.
    Final thoughts? Yes, “Dollhouse” stumbled at times. It had a slow going of it in those first episodes, a la Fox. But by the time “Man on the Street” rolled around, this became both my favorite television show and also my favorite Whedon creation. It was dark and introspective, it challenged your morals and your philosophy as it bended the lines between right and wrong. It took the most amoral scientific sociopath in the world and not only gave him a heart but made me cry at his death. It was beautiful and tragic at times, but it was also as exciting and twisty as a season of “Alias.” And, in the end, I grinned with triumph along with Echo as she finally found sanity in her own way.
    It was a strange journey along the way, watching Echo become both a person and a hero, but in the end, it was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken, and I’ll miss “Dollhouse” dearly.

  6. tasha says:

    what an awesome ending. i have loved every minute of the tv show and am so sad it has ended. the last episode was simply amazing, it even had me in tears.

    thanks to joss and eliza and the rest of the cast and crew for such an amazing show that has just got better and better.

  7. D says:

    I thought the finale was great considering they had to rush the whole second season.

    I’m assuming Caroline/Echo found a way to co-exist and become one in the same.

    I was never a fan of Paul’s but I loved the twist of having him actually become part of Echo.

    How fitting that the Dollhouse ends up being their home for the foreseeable future.

    I think it’d be great if Joss went back and did a movie that fell between “The Hollow Man” and “Epitaph 1.”

  8. Molly says:

    Wasn’t anyone annoyed that while Topher has the mind to create a device that would wipe the entire world, he was unable to build a remote to set it off?

    The second to last episode is where the whole series just became ridiculous, and believe me, I really, really wanted it to succeed. I realize Whedon was under serious time constraints, but the narrative took some leaps that were so unearned as to be laughable.

    • madeline says:

      Oh my god-you are so right! And the saddest thing for me was Tophers situation. It made me instantly sad to see him working like a meth-rat for Rossum,it already broke my heart about Bennet!

      Amazing episode tough,was a bit rushed but Joss and co pulled it off beautifully.
      I think Ballard should have left Meg behind-was her life really worth Paul dying and Echo-the co savior of humanity? {Here’s to a Topher memorial!}

      I loved the mad max feel to it as well.
      I hope this continues on,like Firefly did with a movie or comic books.

      {I just have to add this-I think Buffy and Angel are so overrated compared to Joss’ finer works {Dollhouse/Firefly/Serenity} I like the shows too{love angel} but c’mon people.

    • shanzza says:

      I thought there was a hint when Topher said he wanted to end the situation he created that he decided not to make a remote. It was nothing concrete, but he was definatly intelligent enough to creat a remote (or find a few hundred meters of wire to set it off). As he said he ‘didn’t want to hurt any more people’ (forgive me if I misquoted).

      • Sarah says:

        topher had to die so that no one would know how to build his tech or get the information from him.

        • Jean D says:

          I totally agree with that AND after seeing and living all of what he went through, it was the only way he could wipe himself out. After seeing and living all of what he went through, doesn’t it makes sense he’d also want to forget? I think it’s the only character in the end who gets what he really wanted.

    • patrick says:

      I never understand this insistence about what makes sense in science fiction stories. Its a suspend disbelief game. If there is a way to imagine things working so that the story functions, go with it.

      And it doesn’t take much to come up with a plausible story here. We have already established that the Dollhouse itself is so far underground that transmissions from up top can’t get underground. Makes sense then that transmissions from in the Dollhouse can’t get up, so a remote from the Dollhouse is out. And given that Adele’s office is walled up and the outside is full of zombie’s, where else are you going to use the remote but the Dollhouse? Once you leave the Dollhouse you are either unsafe because of flesh eating zombies, or because the device itself will blow you up.

      Also Topher was working with whatever was in either (1) Safe Haven, (2) Tony’s truck, and (3) the LA Dollhouse. Only Tony’s truck and the LA Dollhouse had any tech at all, and neither one was set up to create remote controllers for devices that send out waves across the globe. So maybe the parts he would have needed were not available.

      And there is no reason to waste time in the ep to go through explanations of things like this. These explanations are boring. But as long as something can be said, however much plausibility it has, I think we should go with it. I don’t think anything I said was less plausible than the premise of the show itself.

      • Tara says:

        The difference between sci-fi and fantasy is that sci-fi has to at least follow its own rules.

        That Topher might convince himself that he can’t set of the device remotely, I can almost buy, but no way DeWitt just accepts such nonsense.

        This was far from the worst plot hole in the Epitaph episodes, though. You have a mind-programming device that works through phones and radios, and the way you deal with the hold-out “normals” is by having an army of zombie-like people walking slowly into their machine guns with sticks!? WTF?

    • Kinrowan says:

      I think that Topher wanted to end it – he wanted to go. Of course he could have created a remote, but there was no desire in him to continue onwards. I thought it was poetic.

    • bob says:

      Totally agree. Totally.

      • bob says:

        I meant I totally agree with the narrative getting ridiculous in the last two episodes and the Topher remote business. He’s the only guy who can save the world and he blows himself up. What if the blast didn’t work and he died anyway? Who’s going to save the world then.

    • Me says:

      I was WAY more annoyed by a MUCH bigger plot hole…
      1)The mind disks were still at the Dollhouse
      2) Topher HAS a back-up
      3) Topher is having trouble working because of his mental illness
      Why the HECK didn’t they just back him up to an earier, un-messed up version of himself!? Its what I would do to my computer if it malfunctioned!

  9. Ray says:

    All in all, I found it to be as satisfying an ending to the series as I could hope for, considering. I like that Pria & Toni managed to actually be together and alive at the end… And so did Echo and Paul, in a way. I have to wonder if Paul’s personality is what allowed Alpha to learn to keep the psychopath(s) locked up. So many questions, and no more answers, boo! :(

    Me, I kinda hope they junk the Mad Max redux and use the set pieces and props to make “Epitaph 0: The Beginning” but we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

    For now, I’m looking forward to hearing the reactions from my cohost on the Dollhouse Pocast’s weekly viewing party, and recording the final roundtable tuesday. Then we’re gonna go at it Irish wake style on the 6th and celebrate the all-too-brief life of a great show…

  10. Volasi says:

    Love it! Love it all! Topher’s big moment was heartbreaking but perfect.

  11. vivian says:

    R.I.P. I will miss this show it ended with enough closure so as not to leave me with that nagging knot in the pit of my stomach and a cerebral WTF??? forever rolling around in my head! This happened to me once with a show called Harsh Realm…and i swear I’m still what iffing on that one! thankyou for the show….it will never be forgotten

  12. Moe says:

    I thought the finale was rushed. DEfinitely, could’ve been a 2 hour episode. More time to tell the story.

    Well, another show with a potential bites the dust. Josh- never, ever, ever again work with the networks again. You genius is more suited towards cable.

  13. DeezyG says:

    Kevin/Gossi, if you get a chance in the interview please ask about what the original 5 year plan was, how much of it was covered in our 26 episides etc. And I havn’t gotten to see Epitah Two yet (I will on hulu in literally 5 minutes) so ONLY if this question makes any sense, ask if-this interview is with joss, right?-If Joss would be against doing a made for TV movie because of large dvd sales, where the movie would only be for fans and wouldn’t need to be all Serenity like, introducing everyone and the likes (I <3 Serenity btw)

    • DeezyG says:

      I just saw it and it blew my mind. Is it corny to want to know what happened to Whisky/Alpha/Dominic/Ivy/Everyone else?

      • DeezyG says:

        And now that I’ve seen Epitah 2, I think the question makes sense. I’m thinking Everything between The Hollow Men And Epitah 1, plus flashbacks to Getting Closer/Hollow Men would make a good movie.

  14. wrdo says:

    wow, I love this episode. I nearly cried at the end.

    I reeeaally hope Joss reconsiders the no-comics decree. Because I really wanna know some of the events in between The Hollow Men and Epitaph 2. like, what happened to Dominic? how did Alpha turn good? and maybe how did Topher get kidnapped?

    also, I may be wrong, but does it seem like more couples got happy endings in this finale than any other Joss show? Priya and Anthony are trying to be a family, and Echo and Paul are together forever in her head. this seems unusual. yay?

  15. I feel horribly let down. The last several episodes forced way too many character and plot jumps. I loved the series, especially when it touched on the dark stuff. I don’t understand, though, why Joss had to end the series this way. It all felt way too forced and over cooked.

    I would have been happier if it was left open ended, like the prompt cancelation of Firefly.

    • patrick says:

      disagree entirely

      I prefer knowing the end to knowing the middle. I like all the questions that these episodes raised, but I would not have liked knowing what happened in the end.

      I feel like the rush job of it might have been a problem if the acting hadn’t been so good. Fran and Enver were excellent as usual, but Eliza completely blew away anything I had ever seen from her before. She has never been good at using her voice to act. It has always been in her face and body language. Her tone, accent, etc. didn’t ever show enough range as far as I was concerned. Her damsel in distress voice was the same as her badass spy voice. But in the breakdown scene she sells it all with that last line ‘I am always alone’. It didn’t even sound like Eliza to me, and I didn’t think before this ep that she could pull that off.

      When the acting is good, it is easier to go with the flow of the story. And since Topher, Tony, Priya and Echo/Caroline were pretty clearly the main characters of the finale, the fact that they all did a great job really helped.

    • Me says:

      Agreed, I was NOT happy with this episode. Especially that stupid Paul/Echo combo thing. I mean, seriously… That was a stretch to get to the happy ending thing. I was MUCH happier with the “oops, guess we didn’t save the world after all” ending. MUCH more realistic and much cooler. But then, I’m not a big fan of the extremely-unlikely happy ending… I prefer realism and the ending that makes you think

  16. Cyndee says:

    I thought what was most important was the message of love that came through this finale….that sounds corny but nonetheless, it was powerful. There were loose ends, but Eliza’s tour de force scene where she breaks down about Paul was heart-rending. Alpha’s redemption is the most hopeful things I’ve seen all year.

  17. lolo says:

    loved it !!!! But something I simply couldn’t get, who is the heroin in that episode ? Echo or Caroline ? Cause if I remember well there was no Caroline in epitath 1 and we didn’t see her in her own body in the finale she was Echo with all the other imprints, we can only see her in the “mini” Caroline. So can we conclude that Echo will always keep all the personalities under her control ? Or is she Caroline and Echo ?

    • Phoenix says:

      Unfortunately, this was one plot device they simply didn’t have time to explain. My personal theory is that Boyd messed with Echo while she was downloading Caroline’s personality into herself so that she only has Caroline’s memories, and she retained the “Echo-self,” so to speak, that she’d built over the course of the series. As I like Echo much better than Caroline, I, for one, saw Echo as the heroine and Caroline as, well, dead, really.

    • :) says:

      After all she’s been through, I don’t think Echo will ever be just Caroline. The whole mind wipe/ loss of self doesn’t work on her anymore. I would say shes Echo with and influence of Caroline.

    • Me says:

      She is Echo. Remember at one point Boyd asks if she is Caroline or Echo and she says “I am everything you made me.”

  18. MsPammiJ says:

    I know there doesn’t have to always be a loving happy ending, but Paul dying the way he did was surprising. Some of it seem disjointed and rushed, but it couldn’t be helped. I didn’t know until last night about the 1st show being on the DVD. Luckily I had just purchased Doll House and watched them both back to back. Looking forward to our next adventure with Josh. I love all the stories and all the actors we get to keep seeing over and over again.

  19. someone says:

    i loved the last ep! howevr pual really didnt have to die. if tony and pria could have a happy ending why cant echo?! the most clever part of this ep was when topher was talking about makeing an echo a reflection of how things were(my english teacher used to talk about how authors would always have a reason for nameing characters in stories but i never got the concept)…the writing was genious!! i didnt quite understand the whole pual in her head thing but i do have to say it was somewhat cute…i do wish there was more catch up stories on why the world ended up the way it did,what happened to whisky,and when did alpha become good?! even if boyd did end up being evil i really missed him he seemed to keep everyone together…and i really wanted to know the reason behinde echos specialness and why she was chosen by him?

    • Phoenix says:

      They explained Echo’s being special in “The Hollow Men:” she has a genetic marker in her spinal fluid that, when subjected to stress, allowed her to resist the wipes. That’s why Boyd sent her to LA Dollhouse, so that she could be sent on missions to “toughen up” the gene and allow Echo to evolve to the point that he could use her spinal fluid to create a “cure” against having one’s mind wiped.
      Alpha became good after downloading Paul’s mind into his own. During the ten year space between the rest of the series and the “Epitaph” episodes, Alpha evolved the way Echo did into a sane individual, and the process of him becoming a good guy started with having Paul live within him.

      • Sarah says:

        It just occurred to me that maybe it was Paul inside of alpha who decided to leave the wedge with his personality for echo. It seems more likely because then it would show that the real Paul wanted to be with her in any way possible.

  20. bobby says:

    im sad, why? the show still could of continued even after watching all that we have seen. there still are so many questions left unanswered: what happened to whiskey? to Dominic? etc. but i guess its ok, i will never know. what u dont wont hurt u, right? lmao i want to thank this site it was great having ppl so invested in a show like myself, with better insight than a room of critics lol ha lol gossi? thanx alot for making this, i felt like i was sitting down talkn to my friends :)

  21. Mary says:

    i thought it was really cute, but really bittersweet in the end … even though i’m still not sure what happened to Echo in the end. haha i definately cried when Topher died, Paul’s death =( can’t wait to own the second season on DVD though!

  22. patrick says:

    Several people are wondering here about the relationship between Echo and Caroline. Whether they came to coexist, whether Echo just absorbed Caroline’s knowledge and memories the way she did everyone else’s, or whatever.

    I kind of thought the evidence pointed to Echo and Caroline having been the same person all along. One, Caroline has a resistance to personalities being wiped. So the initial wipe of Caroline when entering the Dollhouse was never complete. Echo wasn’t some new less intelligent creature, she was always just a dumbed down version of Caroline. This is suggested not only by what Boyd said about Caroline in Hollow Men, but also by the fact that Echo and Alpha responded so differently to holding multiple personalities. Echo was working from the base personality of Caroline, a strong willed person interesting in doing good. Alpha was working from a mentally unbalanced person interested in doing evil. That is why two dolls who ought to have been entirely similar on the cognitive level reacted so differently when faced with lots of downloads at once.

    There is also some evidence that all the Dolls had this ability to resist to an extend. Priya never lost the attraction she felt for Tony, even after being drugged out of her mind and then wiped. Tony kept that attraction as well. Mellie resisted the sleeper protocols. Remember in Love Supreme when, in response to Boyd saying that Echo didn’t remember any of her romantic engagements, Alpha yells ‘You lie, we remember everything.’ Maybe it was just Alpha being crazy Alpha, or maybe Alpha just knew something Boyd didn’t.

    I don’t think the Caroline imprint that Echo got at the end of Getting Closer amounted to the introduction of a new personality that competed with Echo’s, I think it just gave Echo/Caroline her memories back. Some memories were always there, but the personality never left.

  23. Dianna says:

    freaking epic. Wish there was more

  24. Eric says:

    This episode was good. I just wish it had ended differently. I really wanted Caroline to wake up and say, “Did I fall asleep?”

  25. Kinrowan says:

    Joss was again amazing! The whole series was wonderful, but the ending was perfect. I felt like he was forced to jump to the end – There was so much that he didn’t have time to tell us. I wish, so wish that Fox wasn’t a complete twit!
    Highs – Victor and Pira’s relationship; Adelle was amazing through the whole thing, there was a definite evolution that she went through and I would have loved to have seen it; Paul’s death was a shock, but I loved how they resolved it with Echo; Topher’s choice to die after all he had done and seen was phenomenal.
    Lows – Much to much left out. Of course not Joss’s fault but Fox’s.
    I only watched the episode this evening – so I’m going to let it peculate a little more and perhaps re-watch it soon.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me or is Topher (Fran Kranz) an amazing actor? The relationship that Topher and Adelle had at the end was just incredible. Great show. Just got better and better considering they were getting cut. Very satisfying ending.

  27. Connie says:

    Thank you gossi/Kevin. Your last comment on Whedonesque was my take on the impetus behind Topher’s decision to die with the pulse. I think that was the point of his touching his finger to Bennett’s lips on the monitor. He was thanking her for confirming or solidifying his decision to sacrifice himself. I also thought of the exchange between he and Priya in Belonging. Priya: I can’t live with it. Topher: I have to. Now he doesn’t have to live with what he has done – or what he sees as his fault.

    I think Dollhouse was epic and that Joss & Co. gave us a grownup look at our world. I also think that what some see as holes in the story are Joss & Co’s way of respecting the intelligence of the audience, to let us “get it” ourselves. Too often TV dramas spoonfeed the audience, pandering to the lowest common denominator. The assumption is that the masses are either too shallow or too stupid to understand the point otherwise. To me, that’s the beauty of Whedon shows: he stretches our minds and makes us THINK! What a novel concept.

  28. wrdo says:

    hey, has anyone here ever read “Cell” by Stephen King? If so, does anyone else think that the Epitaph apocalypse is based on that book? because there are so many similarities between the two!! they even use some of the same concepts and terms (like “the Pulse”). Anyone else think so or am I just crazy?

  29. Stacey says:

    I am a bit peeved because they did not reair the second to last episode in our area because of the telethone for haiti. Mind you I donated but they should have rescheduled. That being said. This is crap. Finally a show that has intellegence that is full of action but not just mindless action and its not good enough. The brainless masses of this country are ruining tv sorry if wifeswap and the real world aren’t my cup of tea. If I want to immerse my self in a fake world I would rather it be obviously made up, not a show meant to convince us that we are those desperate pathetic people begging for five minutes of fame that just makes them look like asses.

  30. Veasna says:

    I just love it. We might look at a series with only two seasons as a failure, but never has there been a show that failed so triumphantly. Satisfaction is what i think of the finale.

  31. Veasna says:

    Yah, the show reminded of Cell by Stephen King.

  32. Kilo says:

    Absolutely outstanding. The last scene was both heartbreaking and optimistic at exactly the same time. I dont think it could have been done in any other way and whilst main plot points are wrapped up – I think it’s great to still have open loops with relation to other characters ultimate fates. Also – is it weird that I for some reason now want a necklace made of USB sticks?

  33. Clarry says:

    Really enjoyed the whole season(except for the usual Jossverse crap soft rock).

    But the weird continuity in the final episode between finding Safe Haven then sitting around the table like they all knew each other a bit jarring. All the other “rushed” bits, fit neatly into place, but not that bit. However, I’ll watch again, because sometimes one missed line of dialogue can change the perception.

    Some very excellent acting all over from the cast. Can’t wait for the DVDs to be released.

  34. ryan says:

    As far as the last episode goes I thought it was a good send off. I thought it was rushed but considered that normal given the circumstances.
    Placing Paul inside of Echo was absolutely brilliant. Of course I have questions, but I also recognize that they probaby would have been answered if the series got to live past two shortened seasons.

    I became very sad as the show was ending, too much left undone, and I am sorry to see it go. However, the series as a whole, was not an easy ride for me. At times it was so dark I really had to confront myself on why I was watching it. That said, my favorite episodes could be considered the darkest of the series, so I don’t know what that means. What makes some episodes too dark to bear?

    One major point or disappointment I had was that I never had a chance to dislike or disagree with Echo. This could be because the show was cancelled so soon, but it brings up the very real point that you can’t really question or challenge a doll about their behavior, even, someone special like Echo. Echo becoming a stable entity probably would have done away with this problem but this was rather late in the series.

    On the whole I just wanted to tell the Cast,Crew and Creators, that I thought that they did a great job and that I thought they got screwed and that I’ll miss the Dollhouse. I’m sorry. Good Luck in your next projects!

  35. TrinitySaij says:

    As I said in my tweet after watching it… it was horrible, sad, happy and awesome all at the same time. I laughed, giggled, tried not to cry, then burst into tears (twice). I forgive all the trips b/c I blame FOX for making Joss move so quickly, but I am sorta glad. I think Joss is so brilliant when his hands are tied behind his back. (Though this last epi would have been insane as a movie!!)

    Overall this last epi tied everything up in a nice enough bow that I didn’t feel strangled. I love that not everything was wrapped up and I am left to wonder not only what happened with the rest of them, but what happens now. I can see a whole new series of a post Dollhouse world minus Echo, Anthony and Pria.

    In the end, I am quite happy. I think the cast and crew did a fantastic job throughout both seasons. I wish them all the best of luck in what ever they do next. Now, I will wait in anticipation for Joss’ next creation that I know I will LOVE…. and until then I will hope someone gets me the Dollhouse series on DVD for my birthday so I can finally see Epatath One!

  36. Paolo DLR says:

    In short, I loved every minute of this show for the last couple of months. There are certainly a bunch of unanswered questions, but for some reason, the thing that lingered for me was… I wonder what Topher noticed in the photo memorial right before he died. Maybe it was just another quirky Topher moment. It certainly made his death that more sudden and heart-wrenching. The mother-son relationship between DeWitt and Topher at the end was amazing.

  37. Solv says:

    One criticism that pops up everywhere that bugs me is that the first season was crap because it was based on a ‘weekly’ mission and didn’t really go anywhere. I’m sorry but if Echo had not become a new person every week then how could we have come to understand and appreciate all the different personalities she switched between. There were times when her acting and comments she made flashed back to a character from a previous episode.
    Also why do people demand such quick paced storylines all the time. These people are probably the same as those who think waiting for more than 30 seconds for their burger at Maccas is too long and can’t sit and listen to somebody for more than 10 seconds without interrupting! Learn the art of enjoying character and plot development people!!
    Joss probably envisaged at least 3 seasons…1 – develop characters and slowly reveal just how deep the rabbit hole goes
    2 – Begin to use the characters that we now appreciate and a situation we fully understand to bring in some intrigue
    3 – ramp it up and bring it all to a nail biting fully explained exciting close

    I’m no Joss fanboy btw. Don’t care for buffy or Angel – but firefly was possibly THE best tv series I’ve ever come across, and everytime I think of it I get angry at FOX, angry like I’ve had something stolen from me that was rightfully mine…and I get a similar feeling to the early closure of dollhouse.

    Curse FOX and their short sightedness and their slavery to the bottom line

    And wtf is wrong with the American public? How the hell can smallville beat dollhouse – or crappy reality tv shows, or REPEATS of law and order. I shake my head

    Dollhouse & Firefly – RIP

  38. Connie says:

    Question, please. Has it ever been resolved who programmed Echo & Mellie with the messages for Paul? Dominic was definitely a mole, but not to bring down the Dollhouse. I don’t think it could have been in the NSA’s plan to bring an FBI guy into play. Any chance it might have been Adelle? Something she said to Roger/Victor in Spy in the House of Love triggered that thought in me as I rewatched it today. She had obviously programmed the sleeper in Mellie and it didn’t seem to me that Topher was aware that she had done that. Just wondering.

    • Phoenix says:

      It actually *was* Dominic; if you’ll remember, when November/Mellie was relaying the message to Paul she told him that the Dollhouse was aware that someone was passing messages from the inside, meaning that Dominic was trying to cover his ass. The NSA knew that Rossum was going for a massive power play (in “The Attic,” Dominic told them that the NSA were aware of Rossum’s political schemes via Daniel Perrin), which is why Dominic’s cryptic message to Ballard was that he had to discover the Dollhouse’s true purpose. At that point, he knew that Paul would never let the mystery of the Dollhouse go and he was trying to get Paul’s help from the outside partly as a distraction for DeWitt and the others that there was a spy inside the Dollhouse.

      • dave says:

        I disagree. There is NO HARD EVIDENCE to suggest that Dominic was the one placing the secret messages into the dolls.

        When November went to Paul with the secret message programmed in her, this was before the threat of the spy was made aware to Dominic by Topher. So whoever sent the message probably knew it’d be the last one and that Paul would use November to find a way back to the Dollhouse.

        And plus, there’s no way Dominic would be smart enough to know what he’s doing to pull it off.

        My theory is that Ivy was the one who was placing the messages into the dolls. She was definitely smart enough to pull it off. Also, in “Man on the Street,” when Topher had Ivy get his food, he left and talked to Boyd for a sec while someone altered the personality. It is possible for it to have been her.

        And in “Man on the Street,” when Mellie had the secret message in her, IVY WAS THE ONE that programmed her. Not topher or anyone else, Ivy! Topher was talking to Boyd at that point about the “spy.” Maybe Ivy new about Dominic and this was her way of setting him up.

        By the ends of season one, I believed that Ivy was working with an underground faction trying to free the dolls maybe and take down Rossum.. and maybe Caroline was involved somehow.

        Then after watching all of season 2 I looked back and my theory evolved. My new theory was that Bennett was still working her own angle against Rossum. Even after Caroline left her and she was left to work for the evil corporation, I believe she still wanted to see them fall.

        My new theory was that Bennett imprinted herself minus some of the neuroses maybe.. into IVY!!! After looking at both performances, i believe this was the direction Joss was going in.. I could be wrong. But Ivy to me was Bennett’s spy, which is how she knew about “Alpha and Ballard.”

        Also I think when it appeared that Bennett was torturing Echo, she probably was but also pushing Echo to her mental capacity which is how she adapted into a person.
        She also let her go and set Perrin after her, which could’ve been a test for Echo, to see if she was worthy..

        I’m tired now.

        • dave says:

          In the 5th paragraph down, i meant to put “A Spy in the House if Love,” not “Man on the Street.”

  39. Connie says:

    Oh, and no one within the LA Dollhouse knew about her & Roger, although Ambrose (and apparently the higher ups at Rossum) knew and alluded to her “other” indigressions. Of course, it’s possible that this mystery was jettisoned due to the cancellation.

  40. Alice says:

    Yes. In season one it was revealed that it was Alpha (wasn’t it?)

  41. Donovan says:

    Joss is brilliant at doing season/show finales and he proves it once again.

    I think Dollhouse missed a trick in Season 1 because the “mission of the week” format felt very non-progressive, simply because the viewer had no idea where it was all headed. Once people saw Epitaph 1 (but most didn’t), the show gained some direction and purpose.

    The easiest contrast I can think of is from another Joss show, BtVS. The way Dollhouse landed up, if it were BtVS, they would have been introducing the seasons primary villain in episode 19 or 20. And that’s just not good.

    Having said that, I love the show, since, unlike most viewers, I generally trust things are actually leading to something, even if I have no clue what it is. Sure, sometimes they don’t, but for all the shows that don’t, you get a Supernatural or Dollhouse , which make up for it in spades.

    Yes, it felt a bit rushed, especially after all the time they spent in the previous eps getting to the tipping point. But the conclusion to Echo/Paul was poetic, Priya/Tony was beautiful. Alpha as the self limiting psychopath was a strong example of choice over compulsion. Adele letting Topher go was heartrending.

    And let’s get this out the way, once and for all. Topher Brink was psychologically broken, shattered even, but he retained enough of himself to be aware of his state. He chose to die, deliberately, while saving humanity, so that he could not be used again to inflict further horrors on humanity. It was both his punishment for and his redemption from his past crimes.

    All in all, this was a fitting end to a series which started out slower than it could have but ,ultimately, delivered characters you came to care about and a story which made you question your own morality and ethics.

  42. Loyal fan to the end. Rushed or not, it ended delightfully well, and leaves open so many ways for certain characters to go. Obviously those who are finished (Topher, Boyd, Bennett, Paul in human form) are finished, but those who aren’t still have a world to explore. Loyal fan, always. Whedonite forever. Can’t wait til the next project.

  43. myzoo says:

    Gosh darn you, Joss, for making be blubber like a overtired toddler!

  44. L says:

    love the show’s final, think it ended well but not brilliant – the end with paul inside echo’s head was just cheesy and kinda creepy. mostly because the scenes shortly before of echo breaking down were powerfull and believable and showed that echo was a full person with flaws.

    like many have said there are still questions so i personally hope there will be comics/books which fill in the gaps between hallow men and the future eps.

    overall i will deeply miss DH, it has been years since a TV show has hooked me in, to the point where im desparate for the next ep to find out what happens and care about nearly all of the characters; especially adelle,priya,victor,topher, echo,november

  45. Liz says:

    All I can say is JOSS IS BOSS!!! Im going to miss dollhouse:(

  46. William's fan says:

    Tonight, Superbowl Sunday, Feb. 7, if you live in the Chicago area, Channel ll PBS will be broadcasting Miss Austen Regrets, with Olivia Williams (DeWitt) starring as Jane Austen. I’ve seen this before, and she is fantastic! TeVo or record is while you’re watching the game – you won’t regret it!

  47. Daniel says:

    I just have to say I loved the dinner table scene where Paul calls Zone “kid” or something. Suddenly everyone breaks down and there is almost gag-reel familiarity. An instant of complete, unreserved, comfort and happyness. Not many of those on a Whedon show.

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