What did you think of Dollhouse episodes 7 and 8?

Two words: Remote. Wipe.

  1. Joe Enos says:

    Great episodes. After Epitaph One, I was wondering how good this season would be, knowing how it would turn out. But this season has been excellent, especially knowing how it turns out, since we can enjoy seeing things build up to the end.

  2. Jen O says:

    Five more words: Alan Tudyk and Tahmoh Penikett.

    And two more: I cried.

  3. Peter says:

    EPIC! Adelle has so many layers. Who knows what she’s going to do next. Echo’s ability to recall imprints at will is so cool, like getting skills in The Matrix. I found it interesting that the Dollhouse was so interested in recovering Paul and Echo but Saunders is still MIA. I need me some Whiskey!

  4. Exlonox says:

    Amazing, hilarious, depressing. Can’t wait for next week.

  5. Dynomoose says:

    Especially considering how Dushku heavy they were (I don’t like her Echo), I liked them. I was shocked and horrified by DeWitt’s turn to the dark(er) side. Creepy to know that she knowingly and deliberately handed over the tech that is going to end humanity.
    The Ballard thing isn’t much of a cliff hanger, considering that he’s mentioned in Epitaph one.
    If I had my druthers, the series would have focused more on the ‘secondary’ characters and less on Echo. Although I started watching it because it was Wheedon/Dushku, Dushku’s acting on this show doesn’t do it for me. While Enver, Miracle and the others have been absolutely brilliant!

  6. Phoenix says:

    And I thought last week blew me away! December is sort of bittersweet now because all four episodes we’ve seen this month have been effing outstanding. I thought that these two gave us quite a few morality issues to chew over, and it was highly worthwhile.

    A)Echo is *not* Caroline, and she is her own person. Is it right for her to keep her body? Are her/Whiskey’s fears that they will “die” if they allow their original personalities to “wake up” again valid, and is that something to consider in thinking about the morality of the Dollhouse?

    B)Ballard and Echo clearly have feelings for each other, but are Ballard’s fears that he would be taking advantage of her or that she doesn’t know if it’s an imprint or her speaking to him accurate?

    C)How can DeWitt equate the woman she used to be to being the woman who handed over the keys to the destruction of civilization to the smiling devil in the room, Harding?

    I was stunned, horrified, and ready to scream in rage at what Alpha did, but, seriously, thank god that they brought Alpha back for a worthwhile episode — Zooey Deschanel last night on “Bones” was criminally underused, and if we have a special guest star, I want it to be meaningful. How on earth are they going to fix this mess, and now that Echo knows she’s her own person and that she’s in love with Ballard, what is this going to do to her?

    • Kevin says:

      A) Echo found herself in the body she’s in – who has more of a right to it, her or Caroline? Would Caroline’s argument to it be solely that she was there first? Echo’s only other choice is suicide, or, alternatively, I don’t think she has a choice – I don’t think Caroline can be permanently restored to full consciousness now that Echo has evolved. I think Echo might be able to switch into Caroline, or could if those memories were fully restored, but I don’t think Echo can be wiped away.

      B) I think Paul got into this whole Dollhouse mess in the first place because he thought he was saving Caroline, and I wonder if he still thinks that – he might be really conflicted about whether getting involved with Echo is a betrayal of Caroline. It’s also possible that Alpha’s right, and it’s really a true love move: delayed gratification does work as a higher order attachment. Or he might be trying to compartmentalize, so that his feelings for Echo don’t get in the way of bringing down the Dollhouse/Rossum. There are several possibilities, and I hope we find out next week.

      C) DeWitt thinks she’s being a realist: she’s bringing down the devil from the inside, and by giving Harding (and Rossum) what they were most assuredly going to get anyway, she’s put herself in position to stop them from using it, or at least affecting how they use it. Maybe she’s not the same person, but she’s still on the same mission, and that’s just as good, at least that’s what she thinks.

      What she doesn’t realize is that even with the whole LA Dollhouse on her side, they’re simply better than she is. Or so we’ve been led to believe by Epitaph One: they win, or at least, the tech wins. What I found most heartbreaking was just how responsible Topher and Adele really were for the tech nightmare.

  7. Fflmom says:

    Wow. Awesome episode. The star crossed almost love scenes between Ballard and Echo…I think I wore TiVo out tonight…watched several times….sigh. Great stuff. Can’t wait till next week.

  8. kim says:

    Joss made me cry….again.

  9. Mary G says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song played at the end of ep.2?

  10. wrdo says:

    I liked these episodes, but I’m a little disappointed with the end of the second on (A Love Supreme) It feels like “Oh shit, the episodes almost done and she can’t kill Alpha. He should just walk away in a huff.” Also, I didn’t like Tahmoh voicing over Alan Tudyk at the end. I think they could have done something else to show that Paul is inside Alpha.
    well, those are my complaints. I was really happy with the rest of the episodes though!

    • Phoenix says:

      I thought that having Tahmoh voice-over Alpha when he was “Paul” was very effective in that it showed us more what *Echo* was hearing rather than what everybody else was.
      Also, I don’t think that they wanted to kill Alpha off — I think he’ll be back to cause at least one more scene of havoc before we hit “Epitaph Two.” But that’s just my opinion; don’t quote it as fact! :)

      • wrdo says:

        oh, I didn’t want to kill Alpha off- he’s too awesome. I just thought there could have been a better exit for him. but that’s just me. :)

        • Claire says:

          They can’t kill Alpha off. He was mentioned in Epitaph One as the person who develops and runs the tech at Haven that stops remote imprinting. He’s got things to do yet.

          I was wondering whether having Paul’s personality helps to give him a less serial-killery mix. Empathy anyone?

  11. Johnny B says:

    I’m obsolete… this must be what old people feel like… and Blockbuster!

  12. shadine says:

    … bummer ……..
    the last for episodes really kicked ass.
    But I’m still not getting boyds part in all of this ……i think we’re up to many surprises to come in the remaining episodes.

    - uh and wasn’t speach at the end graet? The moral advice at the end it really gave me buffy&Angel flashbacks

  13. I’m just going to link to my blog entry about it this time, to save everyone a block of text that rambles at various points. XD


  14. B says:

    You know, this show is going out like a bang. they are wrapping it up and doing a good job of it which is great, the best stories are the ones with legit endings imo.

  15. bobby says:

    i loved these eps alot, echo proves she is my fav character. And can ppl stop complaining about Eliza, she was remarkable. And i hope and pray that they tell a little bit more about Boyd. Fyi who didnt catch alpha sayin something about Adelle’s ho’s lol

  16. Dan (UK) says:

    OMG! Ok so this show has been on and off for so many episodes it’s unreal. Last week I was ready to write it off after the dull, poorly acted (with the exception of a few especially Victor who is one of the best actors on the show if not the best), plodding along of episodes 5 & 6.

    Then episodes 7 & 8 happen. Wow would be an understatement. I’m not ashamed to say this, I cried…hard! I mean it may be because I’ve had 6 hours sleep and recovering from a night of alcohol abuse, but damn. So many good points I don’t know where to begin, so I’m just gonna name the 3 most prominent:

    1. Alpha yet again stole the show. I loved his entrance into Dewitt’s office, “Try the Franklin it has a terrific pasta bar. Also you’re almost out of paper.” He’s just so beautifully creepy and funny all at the same time.

    2. The script was so well written this time props to Jenny DeArmitt. There was such a perfect balance of comic banter, action, horror and emotion.

    3. Also the direction was spot on (David Straiton). The timing, edits, almost horror like movements of the camera as it sped up towards Echo solitary cell, the explosion on the helipad and Alpha’s brutal throat cutting at the start of “Love Supreme” to name but a few.

    These are the things good TV is made of.

    Whilst unfortunately the show has already received the death toll from Fox (quelle suprise), I can only hope that the rest will be as good as this and we will get some semblance of closer.

  17. XENO says:

    I have a theory of why alot of ppl feel this eps were “rushed”. It seems to me that the only reason these eps are very arcy, is that these are the five seasons. Weird, huh? At the end of the left hand it seemed like a perfect way to end a season, and meet jane doe seems like a perfect season opener. The love supreme is suppose to be what happens in between. I wish the show could of progressed as it was planned, it would of helped the narrative better (dont get me wrong love the eps though…Long live Echo and Dollhouse)

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