In the calm before the storm, the sun is shining dark and warm – Dollhouse series finale details

So, you wanna know how Dollhouse is gonna shake out towards the end without ending up horribly spoiled? Read on.

Episodes 5+6 – The Public Eye, The Left Hand
December 4th 2009
Written by Andrew Chambliss | Tracy Bellomo

Why you should be excited: You’ve Summer Glau and Alexis Denisof in two new hours of Dollhouse which pick apart the Dollhouse universe. Players of the Dollhouse ARG should be pleasantly surprised, too. Also, watch out for Enver: he’s going to make your jaw hit the floor. (You know, again).

Overall style: Arc.

Episodes 7+8 – Meet Jane Doe and A Love Supreme
December 11th 2009
Written by Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon & Andrew Chambliss | Jenny DeArmitt

Why you should be excited: There’s more Whedon alums this week’s episode. Nobody is safe. The events of Epitaph One start to come into play here.

Overall style: Arc.

Episodes 9+10 Stop Loss and The Attic
December 18th 2009
Written by Andrew Chambliss | Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon

Why you should be excited: If you love Victor, you’re about to delve into what happened to him. And then you’ve got the 2nd hour, which is this being kept under wraps. Actor Adam Godley (The X-Files) rolls into town to play for a while.

Is Whedonesque going to explode after these air: yes.

Overall style: Arc.

Episode 11 – Getting Closer
January 8th 2010
Written (and directed by) Tim Minear

Why you should be excited: Summer’s back – and so are other Dollverse characters.

Is Whedonesque going to explode after this airs: yes.

Overall style: Arc.

Episode 12 – The Hollow Men
January 15th 2010
Written by Michelle Fazekas & Tara Butters & Tracy Bellomo

Why you should be excited: !

Overall style: Arc.

Episode 13
January 22th 2010
Written by Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon & Andrew Chambliss

Why you should be excited: It’s the series finale, and the people behind the best episodes of the series (‘Epitaph One’, ‘Belonging’, ‘Spy In The House of Love’) are back. I can not wait.

Overall style: Arc.

Overall why you should be excited: Well, you know how ‘overall style’ says ‘Arc’ for all these episodes? That’s just one reason of many. It’s a 9 hour rollercoaster of an end – which midway through chucks you out the cart into terrifying oblivion.

  1. Maarthy says:

    I just can’t wait to see next episodes, we’ve been waiting SO LONG!!!

    BTW, one of Czech TV stations over here have bought the series which leaves me frightened. You just never know much they’re gonna screw it up with overdubbing and kill the characters (just like they did it with The Big Bang Theory) :-(

  2. VictoriaCaroline says:

    Well I was excited before but now I can hardly contain myself! Thank you for the info, think I might have to go and jump up and down a bit to calm down – only a week and a bit to go *excited squeak*

  3. DeezyG says:

    :D DDDDD Only bad thing I can really see is that None are Joss written or directed except maybe 12, I was really expecting him to write the finale (Didn’t he say he was writing the finale??) But he obviously had a huge part in all these episodes, this is really great :)

  4. DeezyG says:

    Oh, and I guess he could have written 8, but probably didn’t.

  5. wytchcroft says:

    colour me excited!

    but i alaso second the ‘where the frak is Joss???’

    oh and i’m not whedonesque but i’ll explode anyway – sounds like good wholesome fun!

  6. wytchcroft says:

    colour me excited!

    but i also second the ‘where the frak is Joss???’

    oh and i’m not whedonesque but i’ll explode anyway – sounds like good wholesome fun!

    • wrdo says:

      he’s probably busy with Cabin in the Woods, his new movie coming out in the summer (I think). but he’ll probably be directing it.

      anyone else notice the name of episode 12? the Hollow Men? think it’s a reference to the T.S. Eliot poem?

  7. wytchcroft says:

    gah! typo spam! sorry Gossi :(

  8. DeezyG says:

    Was all this info given to you… or have you seen the episodes?

  9. Charles says:

    can’t wait and from the looks of it I was right, they seems to be more of Jed Whendons show then Joss =]

  10. DeezyG says:

    Sorry, it was a stupid question you obviously havn’t lol

  11. L says:

    really can’t wait to see how DH goes out with a massive bang.

  12. Osiristi says:

    Yes, yes, very excited. We shouldn’t quit supporting DH now even if it’s cancelled. Let’s boost the ratings and make the Final Nine the best episodes. Ever. Period.

    By the way, I thought the eps 5 and 6 were renamed to “The Left Hand part 1″ and “The Left Hand part 2″. Isn’t this the fact?

  13. Nickolz says:

    I remember seeing HUGE spoilers about upcoming episodes on Wikipedia. Mainly about A Love Supreme. But some time ago I saw they weren’t there anymore. Can anyone tell for sure if those were fakes? (because there were some SERIOUSLY HUGE spoilers there)

    And I really like what I see here. Finally an ass-kicking season-wide arc! Reminds me of Buffy somehow, first season full of stand-alones, second season full of “OMG ANGELUS IS GONNA KILL US ALL oh wait cliffhanger”. I hope I like it.

    And I faithfully believe this new “style” might bring some more audience. Who knows?

  14. bobby says:

    Its kinda like a bitter sweet thing for me. Im depressed its cancelled but these episodes are just screaming (Its going to rock the world). now im perplexed, i just know for the fact that all my questions will never have answers: what was dr. saunders like b4 she became a doll; what led boyd into the dollhouse; and eventually if Echo and co. save the day in the end and how?

  15. DeezyG says:

    Bobby, I doubt all of those will be answered but a few will, I’m definetly betting on boyd, and If Echo saves the day might also.

  16. Jessica says:

    Thanks, gossi, for putting up a post about upcoming episodes that I can actually read w/out being ridiculously spoiled. Was enough to get me really excited about what’s coming w/out ruining the element of surprise!

  17. Frank says:

    why should we be excited? that´s a good question, we have few episodes left and joss is not going to write and direct any of them? how is that suposed to be good news? I´m so disapointed!! the only eps writen and directed by him were the season premieres, which are always a little slow (they should be in fact). what is going on with him? where is that urge to make classic episodes like “hush”, the body, restless, objects in space, the musical…let´s face it, no matter how good the staff might be, no one does tv like that but joss himself, I´m so sad we won´t have a joss classic on dollhouse.

  18. DeezyG says:

    Frank, he’s made comments in many places about how he was currently writing the series finale, not only does he have complete creative control and wrote all the arcs on Dollhouse, and not only have writers said he always writes the best lines in their episodes, but he’s known to co-write alot of episodes and not take any credit. He could have written half of all 9, or more realistically had a huge say/part in most of them

    • Frank says:

      I´m aware of how he can take no credit for writing some stuff, but still, it´s not the same thing as those episodes I mentioned where he did all…but also what about directing? any word on if he will direct anything??

    • gossi says:

      Joss also said on Whedonesque he was directing 1×13 and in an interview I think he said he was directing 2×08 (or somebody else did). Sometimes plans don’t pan out, as in those cases.

      With the upcoming episodes, Joss didn’t write them. It simply isn’t the case he’s written them and then let other people put their names on it. It happens that he has a very talented writing staff. Frankly, the episodes of the show I’ve ended up loving are the non-Joss ones. And I’m cool with that, and I’m pretty sure he won’t mind either. The show found some great talent.

      • Frank says:

        I know it´s not the case, most episodes have already three writers, he wouldn´t just be giving away credits like that, but he must have written the arc of the story at least??

        and of course the episodes we love are non-joss ones, he only made the season premieres, and in all his series, season premieres were NEVER among his best work.

        • DeezyG says:

          Well Frank, to be fair he DID write Man on the Street, which is among my favorites. And I never said he’d given credits away, or ghostwriten anything. All the writers credited did more work than Joss on said episode. Just that if he wrote a fifth of some episodes, or fine tuned some scripts and did a tiny bit of rewriting on some he wouldn’t nessicarily rush to credit himself. And also, I’m assuming he wrote all the storys/Arcs, kinda like the buffy/angel comics, but Gossi probably knows better than me.

          [Double post, sorry forgot to reply]

          • gossi says:

            Can’t speak for joss, but I know he ran things when they were putting together the outline for this season back in, uh, June? July?

            You put together a plan for the 13 eps by people pitchin, then they all go away and do outlines for the eps (which covers what’s going to happen in the episode, in each act etc), then the writer(s) disappear and work off those outlines to complete the scripts.

            Anybody who has tried to write before will know how much it is sucky, frustrating and amazing. Often not at the same time. It basically involves looking at a blank page for a week, then bashing your head against your computer screen until your blood is all over the page.

  19. DeezyG says:

    Well Frank, to be fair he DID write Man on the Street, which is among my favorites. And I never said he’d given credits away, or ghostwriten anything. All the writers credited did more work than Joss on said episode. Just that if he wrote a fifth of some episodes, or fine tuned some scripts and did a tiny bit of rewriting on some he wouldn’t nessicarily rush to credit himself. And also, I’m assuming he wrote all the storys/Arcs, kinda like the buffy/angel comics, but Gossi probably knows better than me.

  20. amy says:

    I think if they had used the unaired pilot instead people would have liked it better because the unaired pilot had five episode in one

  21. [...] any case, Dollverse posted the tentative schedule for the last nine episodes of the series, along with a few details about each episode. I copied the schedule below but skipped the spoiler-y [...]

  22. Mary says:

    yay!! i’m really glad we’ve still got plenty of eps. until the very last one =) but, i still have a feeling i’ll be crying during them all. haha

  23. XENOPHOBE says:

    i really dont understand y ppl just dont get this! It baffles me, i got several ppl addicted to the show. PPl in my house are ga ga over the dolls. I remember i had an interesting dinner conversation with some of my friends and discussed the show. I was appalled how some of them didnt feel that the dolls were being raped mind and body. They kept refering it as the “prostitute show” which i was kinda angry about. I began reciting different things the show offers: moral ambigious characters, self-identity, the danger of technology, people selfishly using people for their own good etc. They didnt know the show talked about that. What followed was a marathon, i had the dvd in my player, ready to go lol they were blown away by several eps and wanted more….Fuckin fox lol how come i can explain it and they cant??

  24. Pixel says:

    Roll on Dollhouse Friday!

  25. More Enver is ALWAYS good. :D

    I can’t wait! Two hours of Dollhouse a night; my brain is not going to be able to function all weekend.

  26. Osiristi says:

    Dollhouse Wikia says the finale is called “Epitaph Two: Return”!

  27. coco says:

    will we see much more of sierra i wonder?

  28. DeezyG says:

    Coco, I think I read she’d in every episode left or something

  29. meggie says:

    I love the show, as I have any Whedon series. The double episode was completely intense, and at the end of the Dollhouse, I will be crying until the next project Joss works on.

  30. melanie says:

    Why can’t Joss Whedon sell it to another network. I so love this show!!

  31. Tvshogal says:

    He can’t sell it to another network because NO ONE wants it. The ratings are abysmal.

  32. Chris Roberts says:

    Fox has mishandled DollHouse from the begining.What some choose to forget when
    DollHouse was first picked up It was suspose to be lead In to 24.DollHouse when It had the Sarah Connor Chronicles as a leadin had live ratings(according to the crooked Nielson system) In the 3 Million range and grew from what the sarah Connor Chronicles got on Fridays.
    Do I have to mention Fox has done almost no promation of DollHouse this season.

    Other networks rarely pick up other networks cancled show.Angel when It was cancled had It’s ratings gone up but no other network would pick It up.

    If the X-files had premiered In this TV climate Fox would have cancled It during the first season.

  33. raymond says:

    Hmm when i said family guy would go on forever and eventually replace the simpsons I was shocked that fox canceled another hit. Oh sure I signed everyone I new for the petition to bring it back and bought the first 3 seasons and told everyone that the ratings systems are highly flawed and only account for people with satalite and cable/internet tv. I thought fox would have understood that when they were surprised that the sales of family guy and the re runs had so many viewers on cartoon network that it proved it was a hit and the rating system lied to Everyone, that they would fix it ,but I guess my favorite TV show Dollhouse is the latest casualty of the FuK3D up rating system that gave crap like wifeswap and ghost wisperer 14 million ratings combined…. at best the ratings system ony accounts for 24% of DVR and satalite/cable viewers, not actual over the air TV viewers! so “FU@k” FOX, I have given up on people in general and TV as well, I would find Better luck and stability as a EFING HOBO drifter scoring money for booze and drugs,…. Sarcastic and sad that its all true… crap will be all that is left on TV if this trend keeps up!

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