First publicity of Summer Glau in Dollhouse


Check out the latest issue of EW for the words which go with it.

  1. fanatic says:

    im tryin to not look forward to anything ‘dollhouse’ related.
    wonder if we’ll even get to this episode =(

  2. PaperSpock says:

    Summer looks so cute there! Given what information I’ve run into, I’m wondering what circumstances lead to the union of the characters seen in that scene.

    That said, I’m really wondering what her personality is going to be like too. This has me very curious.

  3. ZachsMind says:

    I would have cast Glau as an Active, but Whedon’s got her toe to toe w/Kranz. That’s interesting. If she’s playing his competition from another Dollhouse, that would help put the pieces together between now and Epitaph One. Topher may only think it’s all his fault, when someone else (points at Glau’s new character) actually pushed the proverbial button that destroys humanity. Almost. Maybe.

    Well heck, Glau’s proven she can take any character and make her interesting. Even a robot. Dollhouse is smart television. Too bad the Nielsen families are mindwiped. Their kinda bison, y’know.

  4. Bruce says:

    Guess that’ll be where I bail on the show. The writing was throwing me out, but the cast keeping me in, but not even Eliza, Harry, and Enver are worth putting up with Glau’s ineptness for.

    • emolee says:

      sigh i guess everyone is entitled to their opinion… even idiots. how can you not love summer? i am so fricken excited

  5. rafael says:

    this is going to be a big hit in the fall standings.

  6. rafael says:

    summer glau a.k.a “cameron” can really make a big difference in the dollhouse episode.

  7. bobby says:

    i think its going to be a great episode, i mean yea the first two (slumped, according to everyone else, but i love this season), but the 3rd one made me laugh like crazy. The next one with Sierra looks like its def going to turn the knife lol i love it! And the one with summer glau sounds kinda interesting, especially since Jed’s wife plays the active known as Kilo, look it up on the dollhouse Wiki

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