Dollhouse season two off air in UK until New Year

The Sci-Fi press office has let Dollverse know the show will be off air after Tuesdays episode (Belonging, season 2 episode 4) until the New Year.

Season two will be continuing as two-hour events each Friday in the USA from 8/7c on FOX during December. Three of those events will happen, then show will return for 3 additional new episodes during January 2010.

  1. Jean D says:

    Well, while I had no real problem with Fridays nights TV, I do have one with sporadic scheduling, aleatory airings and maniaco-depressive execs unable to make up their minds.

    Will I remember this show by December? I may have got myself wiped out by then. Thanks to Oxford University, this technology may just become real sooner than you think:

    Please guys, let me forget about Fox.

    Uh? Did I fall asleep???

  2. dev says:

    This is how you kill a TV show.

  3. Jayme says:

    Er… How am I going to casually run this by my fellow local watchers without them panicking?

  4. bobby says:

    see what i mean, fox is killing this show. If this gets canceled im canceling fox forever. They keep letting all my good shows get canceled.

  5. Bryn says:

    Damn. Shows how much they don’t really care about international fans. Actually, they don’t seem to care about the fans fullstop, just profit.

    • KC says:

      They’re a business of course they care about the bottom line and the shows that make them the most profit.

      Also while we’re on the FOX bash, just consider Southland was cancelled and Dresden Files was a fan favourite show pulled by its network.

      Neither show were on FOX and yet were pulled. All networks pull shows, and there’s plenty of them that wouldn’t have even given Dollhouse a chance in the first place.

  6. Nic says:

    Surely this is a good thing?

    I live in the UK and would love to be able to watch the new episodes sooner, but if they air over here first they will show up online within a few hours for US viewers to download. Which can hardly be good for the already-struggling US ratings, and will probably ruin any chance left of Fox not cancelling the series entirely?

    It’s annoying sure, but I’d much rather wait until December, or even the new year, to see the rest of season two if it gives even a slightly better chance of getting more Dollhouse in the future…

    • gossi says:

      ^^ This. Nic is smart.

    • Bryn says:

      Except since the chances of it not being cancelled at this point are negligible, all Fox are doing is treating the fans badly, and forcing Sci-fi UK, a channel which up til now has been highly respectful in its broadcasting of the show, to also treat the fans badly.

    • KC says:

      Makes a lot more sense than most posts. Of course FOX are going to be more concerned in their biggest and core market.

      • Jean D says:

        Wondering how much of the International Sales are part of this core market. If it works anything close to movies, that’s often the part that makes it actually profitable.

  7. Moe says:

    The show is already cancelled, they just haven’t made it public. They are just burning off the episodes and then after January you will get an official announcement the show has been canceled.

    They should just cancel it now, make it public and let Joss shop the show around to see if he can find someone to air the rest of Season 2.

  8. Anna Lawrence says:

    Damn. I was so hoping that the UK would get the show even though it was off the air in the USA. If Fox wanted to kill Dollhouse – and they certainly seem to – they’re going the right way about it, the idiots.

  9. Jack says:

    For fucks sake!!!!!!!
    What is the sense behind that desicion!? Taking a break? Dollhouse isn’t the sci-fi channels girlfriend.

    Hmmm, i’ve got an idea, let’s not show Dollhouse but air Legend of the Seeker constantly and shit films like Fire Serpent!

  10. KC says:

    Wow, how is that even relevant?

    ABC are running Legend (which is dirge) not FOX.

    How is that anything to do with FOX wanting to gasp, maximise their profits?

  11. Benny-bebop says:

    FOX is the best network ever, by Benny-bebop. I love Fox because I love not knowing when my programs are on. I get surprised and when I see them again I can watch them some more. Other networks like to show regular programs which is not surprising at all. Also, when I try to tune in for a show and it has been moved or put on hyenas then I can go outside and play with my friends.
    FOX is the best, by Benny-bebop.

    • KC says:

      Clearly from the quality of your writing here you’re a genius with understanding of the real world far beyond us humble mortals.

      So explain in what world it makes sense to keep on your lowest rated programs during sweeps month?

      In case you forgot, FOX is a business.

      And incidently before you go on about art etc, when the networks turned down the Spike & Illyria TV movies because they weren’t financially viable, Joss Whedon complained long and hard.

      And then he didn’t put his own money behind making them. Clearly HE’S concerned about his bottom line too.

      Is that alright? Or is it only Whedon who’s allowed to be concerned about his bottom line?

  12. shadine says:

    If a german tv station would start acting the way fox is i swear they would be chased out of the country with hayforks and flambeaus,
    I wouldnt’t consider that behaviour sensful no matter what there plans are for the show, i mean even if they already know they want to cancel it why not try to keep the rates as high as possible as long as its running?
    i honestly don’t get it.

  13. Kel says:

    It’s terrible! You cant cancelled a tv show like that!!!! It’s the better way to kill a show, like some people here said!

    First Tru Calling, then Dollhouse. What’s the matther with those big guys? You dont like Eliza Dushku or Joss Whedon???

    Sorry, but Fox will lost more viewers if they continue in that way. I was a big fan of many shows on Fox couple years ago, now I only watch Smallville and if I can go to another channel (compagny) to watch it, I do.

    I really like the concept of Dollhouse and I was so mad tonight when I did not find the show in any channel. Damned you Fox big guys rulers, because it’s frustrating to see what you do with great show and with us the viewers!! If you want to cancel something, wait for the end of a season, not in the middle or beginning of it. We wait for couples months to see it, damned it!!

  14. Phoenix says:

    @KC — Okay, so I’m a “Dollhouse” geek, but this argument has been annoying me for a little while now. Yes, FOX was great for picking “Dollhouse” up in the first place: there is merit to that argument. But, then, let’s see what all else FOX has done:

    1) They aired it on the Friday night death slot. On Fox, since the X-Files, they haven’t had one successful show on their, particularly if it premieres on Friday. Hell, look at “Dark Angel;” that show was getting more than 10 million a night on Mondays. It was then moved to Friday nights and dropped MORE THAN SIX MILLION viewers per night down into the 4 million numbers.

    2) They paired it with a failing show that was moved to Fridays to die in the first place. The second season has been paired with retarded comedies that get even lower ratings than “Dollhouse.” At least the IDEA of a ‘Sci-Fi Friday’ made sense; who got the great idea to put “Dollhouse,” a dark and philosophically/morally challenging show, next to critically panned comedies?

    3) They almost NEVER promoted the thing. I watch Fox a few times a week — mainly for “House,” “Lie to Me,” “Bones,” and “Fringe.” During that time, this entire season, the only time I EVER saw a “Dollhouse” promo was after “Fringe,” which, in case anyone doesn’t know, is the tail end of the Thursday-night line up. They don’t promote episodes until literally the night before they air. And the few promotions they DID do for season one were so sexually themed that many potential viewers never bothered.

    4) They demanded the stupid “five pilot” thing. Now, don’t get me wrong: Whedon and Co. can’t be excused for bad storytelling, and in my opinion the first and third episodes were both boring and uninvolved. The original pilot available on DVD was SO much better than what they aired and was so far from standalone that with maybe one or two more episodes they could have jumped right back into “Man on the Street” territory in terms of mythology. But instead they did five standalone pilot episodes, and the viewing numbers went down week by week.

    5) Because they forced the showrunners to reshoot the pilot, they refused to air the actual finale of season one, which has since been critically acclaimed as the best episode of the series and actually made many critics start watching season two in the first place.

    6) They pulled it entirely off of the November sweeps month and will now frantically burn through the rest of the season in December, when virtually no one is watching television.

    Yes, we all thank Fox for airing it in the first place. But, seriously, with this kind of behavior one can only take that thanks so far; this is the exact same lackadaisical treatment they gave “Firefly;” the only difference here is that they didn’t air “Dollhouse” episodes out of order. This is the same schizophrenic scheduling, the same under-promotion, just pretty much the same bullshit that any fan has come to expect from Fox anyway — hell, look at “Bones” and “House,” its two biggest mainstays and crowd-pleasers: they get shoved all over the schedule every year, get pre-empted for sports and other crappy specials, and last year they interrupted “Bones” and “Fringe” for more than a month just for “American Idol.”

    I’m sorry, but the whole “it’s a business” doesn’t even hold water anymore; while it’s unlikely that a show like “Dollhouse” would ever become a rousing hit, Fox has been screwing its chances over since day one.

    As for me, I just plan to thoroughly enjoy the rest of season two before Fox cancels it just like they do everything else on Friday nights — in an interesting note, has anybody else ever looked up the “Friday night death slot” on Wikipedia? They give a list of shows that networks moved to/premiered on Friday nights that were subsequently cancelled, and Fox’s list was double the size of every other network. Go figure.

  15. Nick says:

    It’s not running in sweeps, guys.

    It’s over.

  16. DeezyG says:

    So, basically, if they work really fast they could have an episode done, begining to end, in what, three weeks? This means that Whedon & Co. can be given the back 9 order after all 6 episodes have aired in december and have episode 14 ready by the fifth friday in Jan. no proble. However, if they’re given the back 9 after the first Jan. episodes aired they probably (or at least might) not make it. Correct?

  17. DeezyG says:

    *Problem, and *first Jan. episode (no plura)

  18. jj says:

    Well I’m just glad the rest of the series will be shown.
    A heads up from Scifi UK wouldn’t have gone a miss. Viewers would accept that they got screwed by Fox even if they can’t say it.

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