DOLLHOUSE is at risk of being pulled off air

Okay. You know during the first season I never blogged here saying the show was cancelled or at risk of cancellation? You know I kept saying the execs wanted it alive still, and not to worry too much? You know on Whedonesque when I posted saying just because the network won’t air episode 13 didn’t mean it was done? You know when I said online a few days before renewal it was looking positive for renewal?

I didn’t guess those things. Here’s the polar opposite.

Dollhouse is at real, serious risk of being pulled off air within the next few weeks due to low ratings. I have my own thoughts about the low ratings – I don’t think they’re down to the show but due to other factors – but the problem is it doesn’t matter what I think. What matters is the numbers are way down on the networks projections.

As a result, I’ve heard from multiple people over the weekend the show may get pulled off air. And I don’t mean ‘Internet ratings experts’.

This is unacceptable to me. I want to know how (or if) Topher destroyed society, I want to know why Sierra ended up in the Dollhouse (and I need to see Priya tackle that)… I want to see what Doctor Clare Saunders does when she returns from outside the Dollhouse, I want to see Felicia Day and Adair Tishler reach Safe Haven… We’re two episodes in. And I’m sending up the alert flare.

First of all, I need help. I need to assemble a team (a theme of season two, by the way). Please head over to this forum or email me ( ). Read the forum to see what I need to pin something together.

There’s going to be a few days before everything comes together. But it will. I want more Dollhouse.

  1. Eric Marcus says:

    I’m in but I don’t know what we can do….

    • gossi says:

      Something. I want to do something smart. Which will take a few days to put together.

      • vids says:

        Petition to keep it on air and fire Dushku?

        • Tom says:

          “Petition to keep it on air and fire Dushku?”

          Petition to keep it on air and fire Whedon?

          See what I did there?

          • Tom says:

            Or you could politely write to FOX praising the show and telling them of your intention to buy season 2 DVDs when they are released.

            That might be a little more helpful, if you could manage that.

          • wrdo says:

            what they should do is lay off some of their advertisement for Glee. Not saying that Glee is a bad show. But come on- they don’t need to shove it in our faces, we know we’ll still watch it. Dollhouse on the other hand needs the help.

          • Taylor says:

            I agree… I think Eliza was terrible on Buffy, and is still terrible. She is insincere in every part/doll that she plays, and she has no nuance, no wit, and no snark. To be blunt, she doesn’t have what a Whedon show needs. I think that they need to imprint her character “Caroline/Echo” onto a different actress, and just leave Eliza to produce and not act.

            Who’s with me?!

      • Angel says:

        DIE,Dullhouse, die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Malcolm Scott says:

      Ha. Hello, Eric. Fancy bumping into you here.

    • Laurel says:

      What can I do? I created the blog last year to try to help. I’m recapping and reviewing there this season. (And I’m doing the lengthy recaps the major sites are not. My latest recap runs over 5 pages.) I’m trying to comment on the entertainment sites and on the wiki. I watch live when I can, tape it, and since my tape messed up this week, I re-watched the episode on hulu. I will continue to blog on Dollhouse, even if it means having to recap the last episodes after the DVD release. I am trying to spread the word. I don’t tweet, but I’m willing to help the campaign in any other way I can.

    • John says:

      By the way, dis anyone notice that Dollhouse is already getting screwed by the Baseball Playoffs? There is mo episode scheduled for 10/16/09. I also rather hate FOX as a network period! Why is it that they only run 2 hours of primetime every damn day? Here in MST (Mountain Standard Time), our primetime is 7:00PM to 10:00 PM. Every network has three hours of programming every day durin the week. FOX, though, would rather start local news at 9:00PM, running the same crap stories two to three times a night to fill the 1.5 hours of local news they run every night. They could be using this time to run eps of Dollhouse on a night when it would have anshot at success! I hate FOX!

      • Rainie says:

        Im a bit late in this reply, but it does suck! I’m in mountain time too, how many damn news hours do we need anyway!…….sorry, just had to vent,lol.

    • Mo says:

      I was just wondering if it would be possible to get an email campaign to the Colbert Report not that these two shows are related, but Colbert can get his audience to do anything and well- I think he would love certain things about the show (guns, women, human trafficking, prostitution, etc.). Just a crazy idea to throw out there.

      • D & S Memphis says:

        Count us in but what can we do? Epitaph One was amazing. My hubby was a bigger fan than me but not after that one! I don’t want to be left wondering what came of the characters I’ve been convinced to care about like I did with the crew of Firefly!
        Send dolls to Fox? Summer Glau’s apperance will help too. Buy, buy, buy the Season 1 DVD! If they think they’ll make money Fox will keep the show on. Ok maybe Fox wouldn’t, they are amazingly stupid it seems. When can Joss leave Fox and go to a network that will get behind him and even promote his shows!!

    • SM says:

      Anyone have the address to write or e mail a note to Fox praising the show? You guys have some awesome advertising ideas, too bad
      Fox isn’t reading them. Truly good thoughts.

    • Casey Kendall says:

      the show is amazing and is so very interesting i really don’t want to see them take it off the air.

  2. Barbara says:

    It was a miracle that it survived to season two. Sadly I’m not really surprised because it’s on such a crappy night and I have yet to see it advertise. Sure I don’t watch Fox every night but on the nights I do I’ve seen nada. CW is advertising the hell out of The Vampire Diaries which is great since I’m loving the show so it’s a real shame that Fox won’t do anything for this show because I want to know more too. It seems to be a theme that if I fall in love with a show the chances are good that it’ll get cancelled.

  3. I’ll do what I can. I already blog and tweet about it, but I’ll jump up my game to see if I can wrangle anymore reluctant viewers.

    I know I’ve garnered a couple that way, but I don’t want to see Dollhouse die after being bridged into S2 and doing so well on its lowered budget.

  4. Walter says:

    Does anyone still have the Fox phone#? I have it on a post it at work. (Not kidding, it’s on my wall, for “just in case of emergancy as this”)
    I say we call Fox and tell them it would be a mistake to drop this show before given a real chance!

  5. David Mello says:

    If Fox can’t promote the show like it should, maybe we can. How about posters that “advertise” the Dollhouse’s services with pictures of the Actives, and the slogan “who do you need?”
    Then you add the logo plus the Fox afilliate channel.
    This is “Pushing Daisies” all over again. ABC let that show die a slow death by refusing to promote it altogether. Never again!

    • I dig that idea. Fire up that Photoshop!

    • Audrey says:

      OOOH! Those would be fun! I’m sure we could get some real creative posters together. I don’t have a web page but there’s always social networking sites and blogs as alternatives.

      • John says:

        If someone can come up with something really creative, it could be worth sending to FOX or to whomever handles advertising for either FOX or Dollhouse’s production company. Great print ads can provide a lot of bang for the buck, but to be effective it has to be national. If nothing else, when someone does put something together if s/he can publish it to a website, that can then be posted to everyone’s Twitter & Facebook accounts to reach a wider audience. However, I’m afraid nothing will be good enough.

        Friday night is the death slot for shows like Dollhouse. It doesn’t have a long established, dedicated audience, & because it targets primarily the 18-25 & 26-30 brackets, they lose viewers simply because people have lives. Young people aren’t about to give up their Friday nights’ drunken debauchery for any show. They will, however, set up the DVR & record it or watch it online, either on the network’s site or someplace like The problem there is that networks done count these numbers for ratings purposes because it’s almost universally unheard of for anyone to watch commercials on TiVo or any other box (not to mention that hulu takes revenue from the ads on their site). What this means is that in order for the show to be relevant to the execs, it has to have a significant enough live audience to warrant keeping it on air, something largely impossible given the timeslot to which it’s been relegated. Why this show isn’t on Tuesday or Wednesday nights I’ll never know. DVD sales could help, but because they happen after the season, it’s doubtful FOX will consider them now. Frankly, I’m of the belief that the network wanted the show to fail. First, they out it on Friday, then they further shift their focus toward reality game show fluff like SYTYCD (a show I rather like, but it’s really screwing up my ability to TiVo the two other shows I already watch on Wednesday & Thursday nights, which already sucks on Thursdays because I watch shows on four different networks that night, not counting SYTYCD!). Honestly, perhaps the best thing Joss could do is to look at taking the Dollhouse to the big screen, like he did with Firefly. Let’s face it, FOX screwed Whedon on Firefly & they’re doing it to him again now. He should’ve shopped this show to SyFy or some other cable channel where he probably could’ve made it way more edgy than it is. Besides, cable channels
        can work with lower ratings. I’m surprised he didn’t look for a way to do that for Season 2 anyway. This show totally belongs on Skiffy (SyFy)!

        Best of luck. If anyone gets anything done for web or print, I’ll be glad to tweet it: @xiape.

    • Maria Santos says:

      Good idea. Like undercover advertising for potential clients. Maybe some blurbs from former clients. All underneath a Rossum front. A secret link to the Dollhouse.

    • bub says:

      “Be Your Best”

  6. Having been involved in a stress-inducing (and ultimately unsuccessful) campaign back in the day for ANGEL, I can suggest that the most effective strategy is targeting offline mass media writers. Think call to action for panicky fans to snailmail/email/Q&A to every fan-friendly newspaper and magazine TV critic possible. The buzz in the press (AKA ‘earned media’) may raise interest in viewers to check out the next episodes, or at least to see it on Hulu.

  7. Frank Watson says:

    I’m a very big fan of the work of Joss Whedon, but I must say that “Dollhouse” — for whatever reason — is simply not his best work.

    I watched all of the first season, stumbling along through this thousand-chef soup, all the time seeing the story’s potential.

    But I only made it through the first two-thirds of its season two premiere. Honestly, I had no idea what was going on. There were strong emotions that seemed to come from nowhere, exposition that didn’t expose anything, etc.

    I believe it may be possible that Mr. Whedon has spent too much time lately working in the comic book genre, because “Dollhouse” feels more and less like a TV show and more like a *storyboard* of a TV show.

    Flashing from one image and/or set-piece to another, with no narrative to connect them.

    I would suggest “Dollhouse” be allowed to die, so that Mr. Whedon can get on to something better.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Dave says:

      Unfortunately, I have to agree.
      We were promised a tighter, more focused season that would stop trying to make Fox happy about newcomers and start exploring the big issues. Instead, so far, Season 2 has felt shallow and pretentious.
      I have yet to see an episode of a show that was as strong as Epitaph One…that is the show that everyone wants to see, and until we see a show like that, I’m not surprised it’s in danger…

    • Cory Nelson says:

      I have to agree. I think he can pick up the pieces if given enough time, but I also wonder if it’d just be better to cancel it and let him move on to something else more quickly.

    • Ella says:

      Frank, stop cross-posting this comment. That’s tacky.

    • MM says:

      I agree. Love Joss’ previous work, not loving Dollhouse no matter how much I try.

      With Buffy, Firefly/Serenity and Dr. Horrible, I felt an emotional connection to the characters. Now in it’s second season, I don’t have that with Dollhouse.

      The sooner Dollhouse is gone, the sooner Joss and company can move on, hopefully to something better.

  8. John Mattos says:

    I’m in! Tell me what to do! I’ll call I’ll write I’ll tweet I’ll post on facebook, whatever I can.

  9. GloryBe says:

    I’m constantly pimping it on facebook and buy the eps on iTunes (and I’m in England!).

    What else can us Non-US-ers do gossi?

  10. Emma A says:

    I am in as well. Standing by for marching orders…

  11. KiloDoll says:

    Lets all buy “Instinct” on iTunes for $1.99. Off-setting the declining advertiser revenue by purchasing the show online might help them consider not canceling it. And if we get it to the top of the iTunes Top Ten by tomorrow morning (when they’ll likely have a meeting regarding the show’s fate) could help a LOT.

    • Chrome says:

      Agreed. Fox renewed the show because of its ability to make money outside of the initial broadcast. Best to show them that it can continue to make money.

  12. Preaching to the Internet choir is good for rallying up the troops, but doesn’t necessarily translate into viewership.

    One thing that can be done for Web promotion, however, is to download the “Virtual Echo” application. A sudden spike in downloads is sure to be reported by the IT staffers

    Also, dropping a note of support to the email addy — — probably can’t hurt, although it’s not as likely to have as much impact as a physical postcard to FOX.

    I suspect that like other networks, FOX has prepare contingency plans to deal with fan campaigns, to prevent them from distracting from day-to-day business.

    • FOX has prepared ‘contingencies’ of dealing with rabid fans… but the shows Sponsors haven’t.

      If they become aware of our power, ultimately, they have the power over FOX.

      FOX can happily mulch 100,000 postcards, but it won’t ignore the peeps who pay thier wages. Sponsors.

    • E says:

      Well I downloaded Echo. My little sister said it was too bad there weren’t other Actives.

  13. Joe says:

    Wasn’t the whole Subway thing part of how Chuck managed to get renewed? Is there some product that advertises during the Dollhouse timeslot that we could start buying to show our appreciation for the show?

    • gossi says:

      I went and did the CHUCK Subway thing WITH the actor (Zachary Levi) in the UK. It was totally a brilliant idea (thanks Wendy!). But I’m not sure there’s physical products we could do it with Dollhouse.

  14. Adrienne says:

    Say it isn’t so! Dollhouse is currently the best show on TV!
    I don’t know what good it would do (didn’t work for Firefly or Angel), but the mailing address for Fox is:
    FOX Broadcasting Co.
    P.O. Box 900
    Beverly Hills, CA 90213

  15. For Luv Of Creative Art says:

    It’s really a shame that DOLLHOUSE isn’t faring well with a devoted audience. It’s probably not due to the talented actors and actresses that they have on the show, but perhaps the show itself isn’t the kind of show that’s in tune with the times. I think the cast allows alot of creativity that can be drawn from into the right show (what “that” show can be is anyone’s guess.) Not being directly knowledgeable about what TV or even Hollywood is about; I can’t even begin to wonder what could be involved with what they constitute as a “marketable” attraction, but if I know anything at all – I know great ideas aren’t a lost to come by. I myself, am trying to break into the Creative Art of Motion Pictures and Hollywood, therefore, I have an abundancy of Creative Ideas (whether they’re practical or good ideas – ?) I followed Mr. Whedon’s career for awhile and know the kind of cinematic genres he’s fond of – I have similar taste in genres and have written several screenplay scripts – if he’s ever at a lost of new, creative storytelling! Probably ‘the right idea at the precise time’ for a great show is – all that’s needed in the world of cinematic arts; but here’s hoping DOLLHOUSE gets to stay on the air – it really is kind of a neat show to watch!

    • <>

      When you discover that the most powerful people on the planet use a secret language rooted in the hypnotic revelations of Milton Erickson, John Grinder, and Richard Bandler, and when you become aware that this language extends beyond beyond the linguistics of persuasion into a realm of non-verbal communication and sensory-acuity to the point where that Clark quote about “any sufficiently advanced technology [being] indistinguishable from magic” is true, absolutely true, that people like Joss Whedon have only recently become aware, you’ll finally understand that the only reason Dollhouse was given an extra season was because it IS in tune with the times, you’ll get it. I promise you. The rest of you won’t remember all of what I’ve said here.

  16. Elisabeth says:

    I’m willing to help out. I’ll keep checking.

  17. Alan says:

    We can’t blame Fox or Friday night. The ratings are bad, compared to other shows on Fridays.

    The show is being beaten by every other full network show on Friday night. One CW show (Smallville) even beat it.

    On 10/2, it was beaten by a RE-RUN of FlashForward, and a RE-RUN of America’s Next Top Model came close. This is bad news.

    And it’s all on the viewers — the show needs viewers. Only that will save it.

  18. fraac says:

    They brought it on themselves and I’m angry at them. The momentum from the end of season one was squandered with more engagement of the week fluff. We don’t need Alpha all the time but a little more of Amy Acker cocking her head crazily, simple nuanced character stuff, would have saved this show. I can see lots of creative flaws here so I can’t blame Fox. Bad premise, bad actors, somehow managing to waste the gorgeous set, most of the interaction being between grown-ups hiding their feelings standing around in suits… ugh. Joss will learn from this and his next project will defeat all – that’s what I’m taking from it.

  19. Jamie says:

    Just out of curiosity, are ‘Til Death and Brothers going to get pulled off if Dollhouse does?

    I say its tremendously unfair if they stay.

    • KiloDoll says:

      I hope Fox, as a last ditch effort, cancels ‘Til Death and Brothers and airs a Glee rerun in its place. Glee’s viewership numbers are down because of the success of Modern Family and Cougar Town. So people who like those shows as well as Glee would be more prone to watching it on Friday nights. And since there’s an off-beat sensibility to both shows (i.e. it attracts a more intelligent contingent than CSI: New York), it might help boost Dollhouse viewership.

  20. Daniel says:

    I wish people would stop blaming Friday nights and calling it a death slot. If Dollhouse were airing any other night it still wouldn’t be pulling much higher numbers and it wouldn’t even be back for another season.

  21. Robin McGrath says:

    Does anyone know specific advertisers for Dollhouse? That would seem to be really useful.

  22. stoferman87 says:

    Dollhouse is a fascinating show, but i agree with alot of things. This show displays the storylines in 12 episodes, when it could be done in six. They need to bring in the things that made buffy and angel sucessful. They have good characters, but plot wise they arnt showing us anything. I mean the only reason i’ve continued on with this show is how echo remembered being all the actives, and now how thats working into the show. Bring in more story, bring in more characterization. I feel like joss is losing it. It makes me sad. I hope it doesnt get cancelled, i like the show, i just hope he doesnt drop the ball anymore than he has.

  23. Daniel says:

    Totally agree with stoferman87! The bumbed-down plots are killing the show! Dollhouse has one of the best actors on TV right now and the characters are very well constructed but they rarely do anything other than talk business.

    One thing that I don’t get: If everyone in the dollhouse found out Dr Saunders realized she was a doll why didn’t Adelle have Topher wipe her and make her forget she was a doll? Not that she wasn’t the best thing in Vows cause she was, but it just doesn’t make sense! Sometimes I feel like Dollhouse is trying to offend our intelligence.

    • Intster says:

      I agree with the above; viewership is not being destroyed by circumstances. I’ve been a huge fan of Whedon, but the show’s losing it (partially because it’s trying not to be much of a serial when the underlying premises beg for it). This season has been maddening, like Daniel said, I feel like it insults my intelligence. Why does Echo run to the baby when she remembers it’s not really hers and knows what’s been happening to her…even if she feels that desire? The dialogue after was painful, choppy, and just made no sense about human drama; the situation as presented could’ve made a lot more sense if they had internal consistency and better verisimilitude. It also set women back I think a few years with that misogynist idea, painting women as slaves to emotions and highly irrational. This show has lots of potential, but the execution is getting painfully worse. To be honest, I’ve been losing a lot of interest to the point where any revelations I was interested in seem irrelevant now. And I forget who said it, but the first episode this season was painfully choppy, full of rabbit trails, and pretentious. Is Whedon invested in this because it doesn’t feel much like the Whedon I know from years of fandom?

  24. Alyssa says:

    I am totally with you. Whatever your master plan is, I will participate.

    I already got 3 people interested since coming back to school, I’d love to get more.

  25. Dave C says:

    Is there any chance that whatever we do could be coordinated somehow with Joss or others at Mutant Enemy? Something akin involving Zachary Levi in the whole Chuck thing? Doing that, it would seem to me, would increase the profile of whatever we do.

  26. kumquat says:

    I’m in.

    Last year TSCC led into Dollhouse. There was an established target audience. This year, Dollhouse has very little cross over potential with Brothers and ’till Death.

    Agreed that this season – at least ep 2 – is wasting itself away. Give us answers while you can!!

  27. piratemermaid says:

    perhaps we should get some kind of petition going to keep the show on air. I don’t know how much Fox hears about the fans wanting to keep the show. It might be a longshot but I think it’s worth the try. It’s nice to say what Joss should be working on, but even if he does work on that stuff, if Fox doesn’t have proof that people will stick around to see what comes next, it’s all pointless advice.

  28. I’m in, 100%!!! And I’ll order “Instinct” from iTunes instantly.

    But let’s be honest about what the problem is. The audience for the season 2 premiere was not good — and that was BEFORE the first two episodes aired and AFTER we all spent last spring and all summer long begging other people to buy the DVD and start tuning in.

    I think Dollhouse is a uniquely superlative show, but I think that BECAUSE it is trying to do something very difficult and IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT to keep watching it we have to be willing to do some hard work. Part of that work is overlooking flaws and “misses.” It’s always been uneven and imperfect. But more than that, it means valuing the places that it going and just how uncomfortable it makes us feel to go there.

    This show pushes us harder and takes more risks than anything Joss has done before. Its characters are far more morally ambiguous and are being placed in more morally ambiguous situations than anything we ever saw on Battlestar Galactica, for example. BG is great and its dramatic action is its greatest strength. But it can have that gripping appeal because we can identify much more unambiguously with its characters because it never took the risks Dollhouse takes already, just in its premise. And then in everything else it does afterwards….

    Joss said last spring that the show “deals with sexual exploitation and human trafficking and how compromised we all are.” So then, we wonder why the numbers aren’t growing? But we still have to encourage others to watch, not because it’s so great to watch but because the show’s a vehicle for “thinking what we are doing” before iwe end up in apocalypse. It’s genuinely philosophical and it IS Timely. If we don’t like its timeliness, it’s because we don’t want to look this closely at what we are.

    Well, after all of THAT passionate “venting,” can I also ask if the numbers might not be much higher than we know? I don’t have TV and so I watch Dollhouse at 12:45 a.m. Pacific Time every Saturday when it comes on at Last time, I noticed that “Instinct” was listed as the “most downloaded” episode on Fox. (Second was (I think) House?) That’s a lot of downloads!!! And all in the first few hours after it had aired? It makes sense that there are new fans but they are computer streamers like me without TV. And Fox is sure to know about it, at least the ones who go to to download.

    Maybe that’s something we could all do — watch it twice (or over again) at as a download? I don’t want this to backfire, though, and make them distrust the download figures….

    Anyway, I’m all in. I’ve been blogging about Dollhouse since last spring! I haven’t noticed the converts I expected….

  29. G says:

    -watch it
    -Tivo it & play it back
    -watch it on Hulu or let it play in the background while you do something else
    -watch it on or let it play in the background while you do something else
    -If you have a media center pc, record it and watch it
    -If you are on a network with several PCs; log off network & relogon so you get reassigned a new IP address & watch it again at Hulu and

  30. astrothsknot says:

    I don’t like DH, but I don’t like seeing genre TV get ditched.

    What about a Twitter thing like the Supernatural fans did a month ago? That was just for a laugh. Imagine what you could do if you all actually set out to do it?

    • Logan says:

      The twitter thing with Supernatural was started by one of the actors on the show. Maybe if someone from Dollhouse got on board?

  31. Maybe college students are a key. We could certainly buy ads in campus papers near where we live, if someone came up with a great ad.

    I think people often don’t “get” Dollhouse when they do watch it. So they peel off. It has the veneer of commercialized sex, action, and glamor, but it is actually counter-cultural and subversive. Because instead it’s about human beings.

    Like it appears anti-feminist and yet it makes its strongest pro-feminist statements as a result. How do we “say” that in an ad?

    All that glamour and glitz (with the theme music) is not what the show’s about. How do we explain what it is about? It’s like “What beats beneath the facade?”

  32. RDX says:

    I would be interested to see ratings from online sources – FOX streaming, Hulu and others. This interests me because I’m in Australia and have to torrent episodes and I’ve heard no word of DH being put to air down here anytime soon.
    People ARE watching, they might not be watching where FOX and advertisers are make money from (ie, TV)

    • Em says:

      I’m in the same situation as RDX. It feels like we have no say over any of this and it sucks. There are a lot of fans of Dollhouse and Joss Whedon in Australia not to mention the rest of the world other than the U.S.A.

  33. Frank says:

    I´ll have to agree with Dave, second season hasn´t started the way we were expecting, I thought they would come kicking in on the nerve, instead it feels like the beggining of first season, boring engagements that means nothing, lack of fun, and a feeling that they are trying to hard to atract new viewers…on the season premiere had some great moments with Amy acker, now that she´s gone, the second ep was almost entirely useless…
    but I still wish the show continues till the end season to see where it leads.

    • dvdmovies says:

      BIG mistake not airing episode 13. I agree that the engagements are boring. its missing a connection. I try and try, but i can’t care about Echo. Epitaph helped a little, but then, to start the season i’m right back to not caring. it’s very weird.

  34. Isaac says:

    The show is amazing, it’s just not for everyone and fox has given it a chance. Come on guys it got a second season!

    SYFY should look to buy it off from fox. (my one dream)

  35. Ryan says:

    Gossi, I`ve got a couple of questions. If anybody else can answers these questions, please feel free to do so.

    1. Do you work at FOX or work at a place affiliated with FOX? If so, what is your position?

    2. What individual or individuals at FOX have the final say on whether or not DOLLHOUSE continues to air or is canceled? Who makes the ultimate decision?

    3. When do the DVR numbers come out and are they at all a factor at this point in the shows’s fate? I know that DVR numbers hold much less weight with advertisers, but if for example we found out that the DVR numbers for DOLLHOUSE are up from last year (Live viewers switching to DVR)would that make a difference?

    4. Does FOX already have the DVR numbers or do they get them around the same time as us?

  36. Mike says:

    I say let Fox kill it . It’s not a crowd pleaser like bones and so you think you can dance
    I say we don’t write to fox at all but petition it to other networks example the CW or morely suited SyFy where this kind of genre is more tolerated., it will attract more viewers
    that just my opinon though I will promote it through socially networking
    howeverr as I am from Australia I don’t no if our viewership and Dvd Sales count here, I will be promoting it to My Peers and whom every

  37. Josh says:

    Im in to help save Dollhouse! this is way to good of a show for it to just get pushed off the air.





    HERES FOX’S FEEDBACK #310-369-3066!


  38. Tyler says:

    Wow, lots of hate for the show on a DH blog. Instict wasn’t that great, but the show still has had some amazing episodes. On the whole, it’s definitely the most cerebral thing that Whedon has done and I would hate to see it go. I’m all in for rallying the troops. I don’t care about the back 9 or season 3 anymore, I just want Fox to give the show justice and air the remaining 11 episodes.

  39. KiloDoll says:

    Good news! Dollhouse Season Two is currently ranked as the #9 Most Purchased TV Season on Instead of spreading around the bad press regarding Friday nights Nielsen numbers, lets try to plug this in all support efforts. Especially since we don’t know Hulu/ numbers and we won’t find out “Vows” DVR rating until the twelve.

    And keep buying episodes on iTunes! Lets make this an even more impressive number!

  40. dvdmovies says:

    i loved episodes 1×12,1×13, and 2×01. But that last one reminded me of the first couple, and i’m not really into it. I think whedon needs to get going. Get to the future and fast. If i had to chose between Dollhouse and Stargate; it’s Stargate. I love Whedon, but it’s not his show, IMO. It was a product of more than one person. He does best when he has passion for it. Also, i miss TSCC.

  41. Jessica says:

    This is my first visit to your blog, Gossi, but I’ve frequented Whedonesque since Buffy was on the air (yet always miss the open registration). I want answers to those questions, too. So I’ll help in whatever way I can! I’ll be talking to people, tweeting about it and blogging as much as I can–and I’ll check back to find out what that “something smart” is.

  42. PaperSpock says:

    I’ll keep an eye here to see if it looks like anything comes up that I could be of use for, but ultimately, I fear that Dollhouse just isn’t the sort of show that can resonate with enough people at this point in time. While I’ve been a loyal viewer that absolutely loved the latter half of season one, and enjoyed some of the earlier parts as well, I also understand that the motivation for people that aren’t really into Whedon to start watching Dollhouse isn’t all that great. And of Whedon’s fans, there’s a portion that it just doesn’t suit. It also has the issue of lacking a definite genre for viewers to grab onto until they garner a better understanding of what’s going on. I want there to be some magic bullet that makes everyone suddenly interested in Dollhouse, but I’m just not seeing what it would be.

    I feel that the main campaign will be handled well, but I’ve seen efforts like this before, and even the best intentions can be thrown amuck by people that don’t follow directions, or just go plain crazy trying to promote the heck out of something until it starts pissing people off. I hope that this won’t happen, but fear that it will.

  43. Roxanne says:

    I feel helpless where I am now (France, that is.) I can’t do anything to help the rating as the only way for me to watch Dollhouse is over the internet.
    I don’t understad why the show would be cancelled before the episodes are even filmed. I mean, it did take a while (i.e. 5 episodes) to make season 1 really interesting. Why don’t they wait a bit before axing it?

    I want to see Claire Saunders again. And those special guest stars I’ve trying to avoid spoilers about.
    Anyway, I really don’t know how to help.

  44. Lisa says:

    FOX has got to move the show off Fridays. The target audience is young adults. We’re out on Friday and we can just watch online later. Plus they really don’t put any money into promoting it. I only know about it though fan sites. In addition I know so many people who watch all NOT Neilson familys so there views are not counted in national ratings. Are young adults in the Nielson family. none I know are and we’re going to lose our show because of it.

    • tlctaurus says:

      Obvioulsy there are young adults in the Nielson families. Practically every show on broadcast television has more of them watching than DH. I’m a fan of Whedon, but DH sucks. Fox is not to blame. This is completely Joss’s fault.

  45. Vinny says:

    They(Fox) pissed off the Terminator fans and now its light’s out for Dollhouse. I personally like the show and hope it does not get canceled. To be fair the first couple episodes have not exactly hit the ground running though story wise and ratings wise. Would like to at least see where this season is going but typical Fox killing another show.

    Not to turn this into a terminator discussion but I liked that show a lot, followed the boards there and many people that watched Dollhouse because of Terminator said they would not be back to support Fox. So imo Fox killed Dollhouse before this season ever got started.

    • PaperSpock says:

      I wouldn’t say FOX killed Dollhouse, at least to the extent FOX killed Firefly. Unlike Firefly, where they more seemed to stick the knife in, watch Firefly bleed, then twist the knife around before throwing it into a coma, they just put Dollhouse in funny clothes and then ignored it.

      • PaperSpock says:

        Oh, and that’s not to say that Dollhouse has been killed yet. It’s still got a chance. It doesn’t sound like a particularly good one, but it sounds like it has a chance nonetheless, and I need to quit talking as if its death was set in stone.

  46. cadence says:

    DH, as others have pointed out, is a show with political, ethical, personal resonances, and given this I think one of the contradictions is the multiple functions of popular media or “entertainment”.

    Perhaps if fandom could contact their professors, students, teachers, organizations focused on areas as diverse as psychology and grief, memory and healing, sexual slavery & human trafficking, drama therapy, fantasy and morality, government regulation of emerging technologies, etc.– perhaps whole classes/discussion groups/recovery groups/salons could be asked/assigned to watch certain DH episodes to discuss the different aspects that the story raises around a particular issue. This would help fandom to learn about and support various groups working on these issues as well. Perhaps this is too late?

    I’m sorry that the art of storytelling as in this medium is driven by the market and not by social need to raise the complexity of public discourse in some of these charged areas connected very intimately to everyday life. I am hopeful for other futures, all with DH in them.

    • Jean D says:

      Aaaaah! how refreshing and intelligent your comment is, Cadence. And this was what SciFi used to be: make you reflect on your own present day condition. Remember Heinlein, Asimov or Orwell?

      And do you know what makes people so uncomfortable with this show? It’s because if you pay close attention to the story, instead of downloading into yourself the persona of a cultural reporter/TV critic or some Actor Studio teacher, it really tells you how when you sit in front of your TV set, you’re actually willingly sitting the Chair yourself, in order to get wiped out.

      Low ratings? Maybe this show works better than presumed… and Fox is not only couragous to air that, they may actually be the last stand for meaning in this genre. But they must also understand what the Movie industry got when a new competing medium, Television appeared. Most of the big budget cr@p Hollywood achieved to produce in the last decades (and even some good movies too) often made their money back through the foreign markets though being potential disaters if they would have only showed in American theatres. In this, neither Hulu nor broadcast abroad, satisfying themselve of airing on a traditional TV business model, nor apparently understand their capability to bring back money in the US from the foreign markets by selling locally targeted adds on their international websites. Now you could extend that down to the concept of “made for TV movies” to “made for the Web TV series” and you possibly may see the light at the end of the tunnel where networks are now, with Dollhouse fans close behind.

      Lastly, people pointing out to Buffy as comparison with DH also unknowillingly points out how Fantasy works better than SciFi in a society which is working its way backward from science toward myth and magic. Now, anyone remember that teaching ID as being a science can actually gets its day in court against Darwin in the 21st Century America? Then there’s only a small step before yelling in fear: “TECH!!!!”. DH is quite a visionary show, if you care for my opinion.


  47. chicc_o says:

    Fox Didn’t kill Dollhouse , they gave it a big chance but two matters happends:

    1) USA people still don’t care at all about the show.

    2) Joss Didn’t take the best out of this chance and still delever standalone episodes , Joss is brilliant , but he should have hit it from the start

    Any , the cancellation is a matter of time unless some miracle happens for the ratings , ’till then i’ll just admira and appriciate each episode that i can get

    • Daniel says:

      I agree! Dollhouse is losing viewers who already knew the show was back, so people should stop saying it’s all Fox’s fault cause it is not!

  48. Optimistic1 says:

    In reading the comments here, at IMDb and at whedonesque (I’m a lurker there) what is truly disappointing is seeing how many people didn’t seem to be aware that this show was in danger.

    We knew (or should have) that the show was in danger based on the S1 DVD sales in the U.S. and I wish that someone who is/was in a position to start rallying the fans had begun a campaign then. As that didn’t happen, then we as a fanbase were left playing catchup once the disappointing S1.Ep1 numbers came in.

    What is also very disappointing is seeing how many people are blaming Fox for SOMEthing in regards to DH. I am a long time Fox hater from back in 1994 through many great shows. They have screwed up so badly, so many times that I can’t even keep count. But they have done us some favors with DH and I truly don’t think that they are deserving of too much blame this time.

    Regardless, this is not the time to assign blame. It’s the time to get the word out in case there is anything that can still be done to Save Dollhouse.

    Imo, First we need to concisely explain to the existing fanbase the stakes, that there is hope, and what steps can be done that may actually be effective. Watch on or Hulu within 24 hours of the Friday airing and sit through the commercials, buy it on iTunes, buy the DVD/Blu-ray, etc.

    Second, we need to see what support that we might be able to drum up outside the fanbase.

    I don’t know how to get the word out beyond what I have done, which is to try to explain some of these things at IMDb and at some ratings sites. But a great thing would be to have a page to link to that will clearly and easily lay out what would be effective for the casual fan. The easier it is for them to understand what they need to do, the better the chance that they will contribute productively. And that would also save the most knowledgeable people from re-explaining themselves over and over or seeing their important comments lost in a sea of other comments.

  49. Optimistic1 says:

    And I don’t watch that much Fox, but there was an ad on one episode of Glee and two very brief ones on Fringe. The first week of Fringe was a brief overlay of naked Eliza in the episode itself and in the 2nd week of Fringe there was a quick ad that was 10-15 seconds alerting people to the fact that it was on the next day.

    I think that Fox’s ad department sucks and turns me off to shows that even I am a fan of, like Drive and Firefly. But they have aired at least a few ads for DH.

  50. If you want to help dollhouse

    *GO ONLINE, and watch it at or, and you don’t have to watch it again if you don’t want to, but just let the episode play out, while on mute.

    FOX and HULU get money off the online ads that play between the episode. Be sure to rate!

    Also when visiting take part in the dollhouse forums, and anything else they have like submitting fan art, or interactive webisodes, b/c it shows an active fan base

  51. Joya Ghose says:

    If it means less money for Eliza Dushku to spend on hunting trips, that’s fine with me.

  52. Jeretic says:

    There are a number of factors that have contributed to the low ratings, including more competition. CBS added Medium and Syfy premiered SG:U Medium won the time slot and SG:U out did Dollhouse.

  53. don’t even think it – I cannot imagine not finding out what happens – it will be like having a second Crusade stuck in my brain forever

  54. G says:

    When you watch it on Hulu, click on the ad.

    This is a business decision for Fox. The show remains on TV as long as they believe they can sell advertising space on this show better than something another show.

  55. Daniel says:

    The only thing that will save the show is getting aceptable live numbers.

  56. Gossi –

    Those two banners you showed over at whedonesque are great!

    Can we get them to put on our own blogs and send around to our own email mailing lists?

    [The DVR figures for 2.1 come out on Oct 12. I'm pretty sure Gossi doesn't work for Fox.... : ) ]

    It’s hard to find where the central action site is. Where we can all contribute ideas — the discussion on Whedonesque has the best ideas so far but the rest of us can’t get in there to support them!

    Could whedonesque open a one-time-only open forum to save Dollhouse. Or could Gossi make it clearer where the central discussion is supposed to be going on?


  57. [...] vi sia alcuna notizia ufficiale da parte del network, è tra le più attendibili, trattandosi di Dollverse, sito che in passato ha spesso invitato i fans a non farsi prendere dal panico, mentre stavolta [...]

  58. Okay, I’ve read all the suggestions and I think whatever we do on behalf of dollhouse should emphasize what a difficult show it is!!! Lets face the real problem: it’s uncomfortable to watch.

    Let’s ask ourselves to do a little work and risk being disturbed a bit: to look beyond entertainment value.

    This show asks you to think. It questions every stereotyped role we have in our culture for a woman to play. It asks whether Eliza — not just Echo — can find herself in and through all these pressures that are on all of us to be reduced to these caricatures.

    “Dollhouse: it holds a mirror up to life — our lives! Are you willing to look?

    End up rich! Can YOU be what someone else needs you to be? We’ll show you how, it’s easy. And you don’t even have to enjoy it, because YOU won’t really be there….

  59. Jen says:

    D@mmit, I can’t believe we managed to complete season 1 and go on to Season 2, only to have this same threat of cancellation! I waited MONTHS with bated breath to see Dollhouse come back!

    The Friday time slot doesn’t bug me…I try to catch it at 9pm, but if I miss that I can find it on other channels at 10pm, or 11pm…(as I watched the first episode 3 times that way, lol)

    I’ll do what I can…email, snailmail…post about the show on other sites…I just hope we can save the show…

  60. jinglechelle says:

    Joss Whedon is beyond broadcast networks at this point. Dollhouse is thought provoking, sexy, and reminds me of the kind of thing I’d expect from HBO or Showtime.
    I would be entirely happy to just purchase directly a DVD or individual episodes online. If Echo is enjoying a Coke, I wouldn’t mind that either.
    I’m not saying this show can’t survive on FOX – and I hope it does, but the future is now, and it sucks to be beholden to the whims of tv executives – specially when we don’t even own a television!

  61. Morgan says:

    I love this show. And I think one of the biggest challenges is creating long term viewers for the show. There have been so many plot twists, which have been great for those who were watching, but unfortunately new viewers might not be able to grasp what’s happenning on the show now, if they started tuning in. I think that maybe lots of recapping along with promoting the show would be a smarter way to get fans who will become attatched and watch the show for as long is it stays on the air.
    I’d love to help. I can tweet and try to spread the word everywhere I can.

  62. Robertt F. Crow says:

    No, screw that, it’s not happening, basically.

    Not again.

    No way.

  63. Anil says:

    I think it will get a FULL season and get canceled in May. Fox said in a article numbers dont matter that much — i know, weird!!

    This is the easiest thing everyone can do to help out a little: watch it on HULU and tell everyone to!

  64. B says:

    Unless I see better episodes I’m not gonna tell other people to watch it. That’s how TV works.

  65. fanatic says:

    I think ‘INSTINCT’ should NOT have been episode 2. I personally liked it but it seemed like a majority didnt. we need some EPIC episodes! Do something crazy. start a buzz. wtf is wrong with the writers. VOWS was orgasmic and then INSTINCT?? it shouldve come on later in the season. omg i do NOT want this show going off air..the 1st few episodes of this season are the MOST important so the audience sees whatan amazing show it can be. i was worried it wouldnt get the back 9 episodes NOW IM WORRIED IT WONT EVEN GET TO NEXT WEEK!!!

  66. M says:

    Regardless of what Fox has and hasn’t done, I think the show is doing a good enough job of killing itself with these first two episodes. If I put myself in the shoes of a potential new viewer, I don’t think I’d be back for more. Don’t get me wrong, generally I enjoy Whedon’s work. Was a big fan of Buffy and Firely, which was simply some of the best sci-fi to hit screens in years.

    I really had to make an effort with Season 1 of DH. The first few episodes were just plain painful. Like so many, I perked up a lot when episode 6 aired, and it really had me rooting for the show. Epitaph One also did much to bolster my fandom, it was good solid TV. TV that actually put me in mind of Firely, the same gritty frontier fiction. People pushed to their limits. I was stoked for Season 2 and was thrilled when I initially heard about Fox renewing DH.

    But… this second season so far has me wanting to cry. I had hoped Whedon and co would hit the ground running. They’d been given the chance to tell the story, so why not get straight down to the business of telling it? Make every episode count, show what you can do with the show given the chance! So far, I share the same disappointment many others have expressed for these early episodes. We should not lower our standards just because it’s Joss. We should really be asking why it isn’t up to the standard of TV we know he’s very much capable of.

    This needs to improve fast if it is to survive.

  67. PearWings says:

    Didnt we beat Smallville this week? (Ratings)
    We may not have the best ratings but
    Dollhouse is still beating a fair number of primetime shows.

  68. LostSoul says:

    Glad to help.

    *goes off to write to Fox*

  69. fanatic UK says:


  70. Mike says:

    Fox Doesn’t Promote it, and It’s on Friday. Why Did they even Bother Renewing it if they weren’t gonna promote it!?

    There are People wanting to watch it, but they’d rather go out than stay in and watch TV. That’s why Instinct was the Most Downloaded. I Looked up the Rating for the UK, and it does very well over there. All They’d really have to do change the Timeslot and promote It!

    How in the Hell are people going to watch something that they don’t even know about? Joss should have brought this show to a Different Network.

  71. Moe says:

    Just enjoy what actually airs, which is probably only one more episode.

    Maybe they could see if CW or SyFY are interested?

    Looks like we will probably have to wait for DVD to see all the episodes that were produced.

    CBS owns the night. SyFy has shows on Friday that will draw away genre viewers.

    It wasn’t meant to be.

  72. Ella-vee says:

    Though I really love the premise, I can’t get pass the feeling like the show is missing something.

    I don’t feel the emotional connection with the characters as I did with Buffy/Angel/Firefly or BSG.
    Most of the show revolves around Echo, but I think that the show will grow a lot more if the other characters weren’t portrayed as supporting roles, but as (co-) leading roles. This way we tap into a whirlpool of emtions that will make us turn one way and then the other.

    The characters that I feel most indifferent about are Echo en Ballard (aren’t they the main roles). Ballard has been a sterotype ‘good guy trying to stop the bad guys’ in one of those cop shows and had stayed that character through out the show. It’s making me sick. Give the guy some pain, have him beaten the crap out of him (instead of the other way around), MAKE HIM CRY or something, anything, to make it seem like he’s an actual human being with FLAWS. (Spy in the house of Love came pretty close)

    And to really get some viewers, we need some good promos in which some CRAZY things happen, like complete anarchy – Epitaph One – things the have never seen before

    Make people who don’t watch the show think ‘Hey wans’t that that though guy from BSG?… is he really CRYING?!’
    IN SHORT: we need to be lured with something that will BLOW us AWAY and then EMOTIONALLY captivated by the characters.

    • Bruce says:

      “Most of the show revolves around Echo, but I think that the show will grow a lot more if the other characters weren’t portrayed as supporting roles, but as (co-) leading roles. This way we tap into a whirlpool of emtions that will make us turn one way and then the other.”

      You mean like Giles, Anya, Tara, and Xander were once the show turned into The Spuffy Hour?

      The above was sarcasm by the way. Angel’s the only ensemble show JW’s done, and to judge from a David Fury interview I read he wasn’t that involved until Season 5.


  73. E says:

    Here is an idea I had (not a member of the forum) dunno if it would work.

    Make bookmarks (maybe a pic of one of the Actives at the top and info on where to watch below, and a quote from the show below that) and put them in books at the public library. Mostly on fantasy/sci-fi books since that seems like our likely audience.

    Does any one think this might work? Could someone possibly make these? My computer skills are utter crap.

  74. Janet says:

    I love Dollhouse but sometimes I’m at work & I can’t watch it, so I go to I hope they don’t cancelled it

  75. S. Sheldon says:

    One of the big problems with the show is the casting (or lack thereof) of any real long-term romantic interest for Echo. Just about every show has an OTP (one true pairing) – no matter the genre of show and this one doesn’t have that. Some may say that Paul/Echo is it and that would be fine. But Tahmoh Penikett just doesn’t fit right with the show or with Echo for some reason. The casting was a very poor choice on Joss’ part.
    Similarly, they really dropped the ball on Alpha. They could have done SO much more with him. The casting was also horrible and it seems very apparent that Mr. Whedon’s ego influenced his casting decision in regards to Alpha. The actor resembled him greatly and could easily have passed for a brother of Mr. Whedon himself.

    Now back to Tahmoh – he IS A GOOD ACTOR of course, but this part doesn’t seem right for him and it doesn’t translate into a marketable pairing (ie Echo/Paul) for many viewers.

    Also, the tone of the show is too all over the place. For example, the darker aspect of the show is usually done very well, however at odd times it works very badly with thrown in comedic elements (and I’m not generally talking about Topher. His one liners are usually good). But like last season they had the tone of the show be vastly different from one ep to another. Sometimes it was made downright silly and not taken seriously, other times it was more even. Joss doesn’t seem to know what he wants to do or should do with this one. A few times he has tried to shoehorn Buffy-esque moments or humor to the show and it has contrasted horribly with the overall tone of the show. Another example, is the show’s tone is kind of like a combination of La Femme Nikita with Buffy, and a sprinkling of Alias. Two of the three are almost opposite creatively and it doesn’t work well at all. I think since Joss knows he did his best work and most known work with the Buffyverse, he thinks he can throw in some of the sensibility of that show into a show that is vastly different and it is very off-putting to new viewers and Season 1 was sometimes confusing. Basically are we suppose to sympathize with Echo and this layered fairly dark world that she inhabits or are we suppose to just laugh at all of it and not take it seriously? Things like this don’t make for new viewers. So, overall I have no hope for the show. And that’s sad, because there are some great actors on the show, as well as a world that would be fantastic to explore further.

    • If we’re going to talk about OTPs in the “traditional” sense of storytelling, Echo doesn’t have one. Her long-term “love interest” (for lack of a better term) is Caroline, her original self. And that’s something I could totally elaborate on more in terms of how genius that really is once you realize it, except that I have a paper I have to finish on the Irish, so we can come back to this later if you’re intrigued.

      Now, Sierra and Victor on the other hand…or even Adelle and Victor…

    • Matt says:

      “One of the big problems with the show is the casting (or lack thereof) of any real long-term romantic interest for Echo. Just about every show has an OTP (one true pairing) – no matter the genre of show and this one doesn’t have that. Some may say that Paul/Echo is it and that would be fine. But Tahmoh Penikett just doesn’t fit right with the show or with Echo for some reason. The casting was a very poor choice on Joss’ part.”

      Tahmoh is just a horrible actor.

      “Similarly, they really dropped the ball on Alpha. They could have done SO much more with him. The casting was also horrible and it seems very apparent that Mr. Whedon’s ego influenced his casting decision in regards to Alpha. The actor resembled him greatly and could easily have passed for a brother of Mr. Whedon himself.”

      I think Whedon’s ego did influence his casting of Alpha, but not in the way you suggest. In his arrogance decides that his clique of performers are da coolest and as a result he forces them on us wether they fit the char or not (see Glau, Fillion, and McNab as further examples). Some of his clique are brilliant (Alexis, Amy, but some are truly terrible).

      The rest of the cast are supreme, but the show’s problems lie in its writing, and it doesn’t help that Caroline is a hugely unsympathetic character who is little more than a domestic terrorist or at best a criminal. However, it’s still better than most shows currently on TV (although highly over-rated by its fanbase). For that reason alone, I’ve got it running on mute on all the time I’m online.

  76. [...] Dollverse claims that DollHouse is at risk of being pulled off air, though that’s nothing [...]

  77. graciela. says:

    I followed the first season religiously but after the digital conversion, I lost the FOX channel. So that coupled with the Friday time slot (the kiss of death) hasn’t allowed me to watch season 2. After rescanning for the 100th time FOX finally comes in. So I’ll be watching from now on but the ratings just seem so low.

  78. Rodrigo says:

    Ok, now im worried. I dont thin people should be fired from the show, the problem is in the Dollhouse promoting, is poor. But I saw in this week some Eliza Dusku interviews on Letterman and on Jimmy Fallon where she talks about the show. I really like the show, it’s amazing and i want it to last. I would anything.

  79. dollified says:

    I hate that dollhouse is struggling to find it’s audience. It’s so sad I was hoping that this show would stick around for a long time to come.

  80. Moe says:

    The show is done. I would be shocked to see Fox airing the show during the November sweeps. If anymore episodes air, it will be during the deadtime in December and right before American IDOL and 24 returns in January.

    Dollhouse is one of the lowest ranked shows if not the lowest. LAst week they were 112. That pretty much dooms you.

  81. Jo says:

    I was so addicted to Dollhouse in its first season – so much that I bought it when it came out. But thus far, season 2 is kind of lame and seems kind of unoriginal and recycled and just going through the motions. Too bad – it was a great concept for a show.

  82. Casey Kendall says:

    I really hope that this show does not get canceled because in my opinion this show is an amazing idea. It is a type of utopia, or so it seems. It is an interesting mystery show. Plus the best part about a show like this is when I finish class I can come home and relax. I can watch something really enjoyable rather then sit in a classroom worrying about the midterm, or the final. Finally the show is extremely entertaining.

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