Tweet for Dollhouse prizes!

Okay, Dollhouse fan! You’re looking nice tonight. I like your stylish but affordable shoes.

I’m going to be searching Twitter tonight for the terms #dollhouse and/or Dollhouse. And giving out stuff to people who entertain me.

I want you to tweet about Dollhouse related subjects – favourite episodes, fave lines, where you’re watching the episode, what you want to see more of… You get the picture. And put #dollhouse or Dollhouse in the tweet somewhere.

I’m going to chose some tweets at random, then some which make me smile, and give away:

- an autographed Season 1 DVD set
- some Season 2 posters
- some “Active-Wear” T-shirts. These are Doll t-shirts and they’re awesome. Can’t promise sizes will fit.
- anything else I can get my hands on

Spread the word.

If you want to see what people are tweeting, click here!

  1. Karen says:

    Would LOVE a DVD set – heck – anything Dollhouse.
    AND I LOVE Joss Whedon!
    Can hardly wait to start tweeting! :)
    Thanks for the great contest!

    • Theresa Wilson says:

      Joss move the show to HBO and start getting serious! Where is alpha the end of season one is why I came back to season 2 show me more of the great stuff you can do it. Stupid networks. Fox grow up already!

      • XFEver says:

        Wow, what a complete lack of knowledge there.

        Major assumption that HBO would even want Whedon? Or have room for the show.

        Not to mention it was Eliza who’s under contract to FOX that got Whedon to the table for Dollhouse.

        And that stupid network gave the show a second chance after chronically low ratings (and made the right choice between it and the awful TSCC).

        Facts. Straight. Stupid fans.

        • Well, you are a rude little thing aren’t ya?

          I see no where she said any of what you were straightening out for the “stupid fan”

          take a pill and back away from the keyboard, man, you apparently are one of those people who use the internet to exercise your frustrations from lack of power or a shitty life by demeaning others.

          get some therapy… sheesh

  2. Randy says:

    Oh man, I would love one of those t-shirts. :)

  3. Krizia says:

    I am so excited for this! Now, if I could only peel my eyes away from the screen to be able to type without any typos… :)

    I would love an Active Wear shirt (I’ve been trying to bribe critics for one) or anything autographed…or maybe just anything Dollhouse-related! I’m obsessed, I know it.

    Thanks for the contest. I’m counting down…

  4. carol says:

    great contest! can brazillian fans participate too? ;)

  5. kat says:

    i am DYING to get the DVDs for season 1!!!

  6. old leftie says:

    Why do you always have to ignore those of us who don’t watch tv on Friday nights? How about some consideration?

  7. Ella says:

    can anyone participate? or is it just for the US?

  8. MaskedMakrel says:

    Tweet complete. Good luck on reaching 100,000.

  9. *rubs hands together evilly*
    Oh yeah, this should be fun……*EG*

  10. Dave C says:

    Great idea. I pretty much only use Twitter to follow/promote Whedon-related topics, so this is perfect for me!

  11. Holger Hiob says:

    After a couple of passive month I definitely need Active-Wear. Size L or XL please ;-)

  12. Barbara says:

    Nice subtle Buffy reference!

  13. Gyula says:

    Looking forward to the new season of Dollhouse tonight and curious if they are promoting/wearing brand clothes. It would have been a great revenue opportunity for the production with non intrusive product placement advertisement of the fashion brand.

  14. Angela Yohn says:

    Soooo excited for tonights show! Your show ROCKS!!!

  15. Angela Yohn says:

    Your show ROCKS! Cant wait for tonight!!!

  16. LaLandraCali says:

    Consider yourself tweeted. Thanks for doing this. Dollhouse is one of my fave shows!!!

  17. Monica says:

    I don’t know if I will be able to peel myself away from the television long enough to Tweet during the show.

    but in case you are looking early…

    I love Dollhouse!

    My favorite scene:
    When they drive up to the “dream” home…
    surprise – the look on her face was so genuine!

    Wearing is the best advertising!! (wear it proudly).

    Hope season 2 will bring many amazing seasons (following)


  18. LaLandraCali says:

    “Echo: Its Porn, isn’t it? The internet venture that finally pays off… ” Well, that and twitter if I win me some swag.

  19. cpduffy says:

    Me want!

  20. Keblar says:

    Umm, what if we don’t tweet?

  21. ana says:

    can’t wait and yeah I’ll b twitting for sure…. happy the show is finally BACK :)

  22. Valerie C says:

    Can’t wait for Dollhouse season 2! Check out this interview with Eliza Dushku on

  23. V2Blast says:

    I want some Dollhouse goodies (ideally DVD of season 1). Go gossi! :)

  24. Marinerblu says:

    I love Dollhouse – does anyone know if the un-aired episode on the DVD will become a pilot for a spin off series?

  25. damn, now I wish I had cable

  26. Kimberly Grace says:

    Watched Dollhouse. Not my fave tonight, but I’m a Joss fan and love Dollhouse overall so I’m giving it chances. How will you find our tweets?

  27. Bekki says:

    I’m iamwhataim1810 on twitter and love dollhouse, Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon. I have twittered about dollhouse a lot

  28. have we gotten winners yet?

  29. Tammy says:

    Worked hard for a prize last night … fingers crossed!

  30. Tammy says:

    (I was the #dollhouse haiku person … ;)

  31. Coffingurl says:

    Tweet Tweet!


  32. Hemulen says:

    Dichen Lachman!!! Give her more screen time.


  33. Lau says:

    Prizes are only for people in the US? Not like that’s gonna stop me from trying to make Dollhouse trend but it would be cool to get merchandise.

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  35. AdiarShira says:

    The top of this says that the contest ended last night, but Dichenlachmen tweeted this link earlier today. Now I’m confused, when is the contest over?

  36. Anthony Comitini says:

    I tweeted! Yes, I did. For anything Dollhouse!

  37. MelFray says:

    Does anyone know when the winners will be announced?

  38. Tammy says:

    Haven’t heard a thing …

  39. Dollhouse Fan says:

    Something tells me there will be NO prizes and this was just an attempt by Kevin to drum up buzz for Dollhouse. It was a worthy cause, but to do so through lying and deceit is rather rude. Mr. Beaumont should be ashamed of himself for sullying the name of Dollhouse.

    • gossi says:

      Completely false. The first three winners have already been chosen, contacted, address details gotten, and the stuff is being posted on Monday.

      • Dollhouse Fan says:

        Well then you need to put that update info on the site. Otherwise, everyone besides those three has absolutely no idea what’s going on.

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