Summer Glau staying on Dollhouse, Alexis update

Somebody from the Dollhouse-world just let me Summer is staying on Dollhouse as a reoccuring.  As we originally announced a month or so ago to the interwebs, she was signed to just two episodes then.

Summer is currently in episodes 5 and 6 (production order).

Alexis Denisof has filmed episodes 1, 3, 5 and 6 so far (production order), FOX tells Dollverse.

Minor update: episode 7 started filming today, Summer isn’t in it this one.  But she’s back later in the season, never fear.

  1. Johnny B says:

    That’s good news!!

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  3. Wonderful news! The absence of Summer was a pain for me! It’s really awesome to know that she will become a reoccuring character!

  4. Ian says:

    There’s no such word as ‘reocurring’.
    Lose the ‘o’.

  5. xica says:

    I love her so these news r like music to my ears

  6. Kittyluvspez says:

    Glad Summer will continue! And Alexis, too! Both so talented!

  7. darci says:

    Glad to see Summer is staying on the show…now let’s just hope that Dollhouse can stay on the air for this season and beyond! I thought that “Vows” was a great episode to kick off the season, and I didn’t think it was noticeable at all that they had budget cuts. Sometimes when that happens everything starts looking really cheesy, but I thought everything still looked good. However, its discouraging to see that the ratings suffered again. Hopefully this show just slowly picks up steam, but I think Fox has just dropped the ball in promoting this show, and also has it in a bad time slot. Such a shame.

    Also, I was really happy that they played the song “The World” by Earlimart at the end of the episode, just as Paul realizes that Echo is remembering more of her past than she should. Great song, and I thought it fit the scene real well, too. I actually posted a video clip of the scene on YouTube, but it got taken down for copyright violations, which is yet another sign that Fox doesn’t know what they’re doing when it comes to promoting the show – don’t they realize that it’s good for a show’s ratings to have YouTube popularity? Anyway, now it’s up on my own blog at : in case you guys want to check it out.

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  9. B says:

    Watch that go from guest to recurring to fan favorite to star of the show. It’ll happen somehow trust me, Topher will commit suicide or go crazy and Summer will take his place while saying weird things about carpets and you will love it. You really don’t need the inside scoop to see this coming.

    • Matt says:

      Why as Summer Glau finally learnt how to act?

      Cause otherwise, just watch those Eliza\Summer ads they did for last season. Glau looked like a deer in front of the headlights.

      Girl stinks in front of a camera.

      That said, you might be right. We all know how Whedon likes to play favourite to the detriment of his shows.

  10. XFEver says:

    Ah well, I know when I’ll be bailing on DH. Shame, I was enjoying the show, but I’m tired of this terrible actress.

  11. Dave says:

    I really home Summer is coming into the series soon and that will hopefully bump Friday’s numbers. Two week lowest ratings isn’t looking good for the series, despite DVR numbers, etc. I hope Whedon can wrap up the series, albeit with a bandaid, if it gets axed soon. I don’t want to believe it, but it’s not looking well.

  12. Blindfold23 says:

    WOW!is that true?!….then thats great news

  13. Blindfold23 says:

    WOW!is that true??!…Well thats great news!!..

    Great news man! :)

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